GOffee Founder Interview: Vincent, CEO

GOffee Founder Interview: Vincent, CEO

We recently spoke with Vincent Meyer, founder of GOffee. GOffee has an equity crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine that ends on June 25th. View their Startup Benchmark Profile for more details.

GOffee Overview

GOffee is innovating in the already mature coffee industry. They understand that coffee brands are not commoditized and the high value of a specific coffee brand. Based in New York City, GOffee is the first to provide on-demand coffee delivery to offices. Founded in 2018 they hope to expand rapidly. We spoke with Vincent to learn more about his company and why he is so passionate.

Interview with Vincent

What was the most challenging moment you’ve faced while building GOffee?

Finding our first location, we don’t need a retail spot as we have no customer coming to us, so finding landlords that understand that we will make a lots of cups of coffee but deliver them was and to an extend is still a big challenge. They look at us like we have 3 heads :)

Can you describe your typical customer?

Our business is a combination of B2B and B2C: our typical target company (B2B) has between 50-100 employees in NYC, they are focus on creating a fun and efficient work environment for their employees. Our typical customer (employee) is someone that doesn’t want to settle for bad coffee, has a full schedule and appreciate doing something good for the planet.

What keeps you up at night?

Not doing enough for our team, clients, investors. I’ve been lucky to have so many people trusting in us, i want to give them everything back 200%

What growth do you expect in coffee delivery market over the next 5 years?

There is a lot of actors entering the coffee market, the beans are cheap and the consumers wants new flavors so the market will continue to grow by 10-15% as it has been doing for the past five years. Delivery will depends on technology and how successful GOffee is….

What is your motivation?

I dealt with bad coffee machine for too long, If we can help New Yorkers to get a good cup of coffee each morning that would be an amazing achievement!

Why did you decide to raise money through StartEngine?

Some of our customers asked us about our revenue model and if they could invest. We researched and found that Startengine was the most efficient way to open our capital to friends and family

Is there any message you want to give potential investors?

Let’s be honest, Coffee is the only legal drug in the US, people need it every morning to function and more and more in the afternoon too. This is a high margin product with highest repeat purchase possible. No one has tried to change the production and purchase process of it in over 40 years. It’s time to invest in the company that can change that!

Final Thoughts

Vincent and the GOffee team are targeting a huge market. If you’re interested in investing, head over to their StartEngine page.