Investing Quick Start Guide: How to be an angel investor in 4 steps

Investing Quick Start Guide: How to be an angel investor in 4 steps

Learn how to use Startup Benchmark to find the right startup for you with the four step guide to investing in startups.

1. Understand Equity Crowdfunding

Thanks to new regulation you can now invest in companies through a process known as equity crowdfunding. This is a way to invest in a potentially successful company like Google or Facebook before they are listed on the stock market. These investments are usually long term and carry high risk. A whole new class type of investment is now available to most investors!

2. Find Startups to Invest In

Investment opportunities are published on over 40 designated equity crowdfunding platforms. On Startup Benchmark we put all the listings in one place. Search once and view all the companies.

3. Research your favorites

It is important that you do your own independent research on the offering and fully understand it. Investing is risky, especially when dealing with startups. Make sure not to invest more than you can afford to lose. Startup Benchmark does not endorse or recommend investing in any company listed on the site, our information may be inaccurate. To learn more about the company click the ‘Learn More’ button on their page.

4. Invest

After you have decided on an investment, click the button on the bottom of the listing page. This will take you to the crowdfunding platform that has more details and specific instructions for investing. Startup Benchmark is an aggregator and does not guarantee any return on investments.