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$91,568 Raised
Ended January 19th
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We believe that most global problems would get solved if each of us could do our best work. Our mission is to make that happen. But we can't do it without you.

Focusmate snapshot:

  • The workforce is more isolated and distracted than ever before in history—and the problem is getting worse
  • Focusmate is building the digital workplace of the future—the digital environment where people will go to get things done 
  • Focusmate's virtual coworking product optimizes remote work productivity via peer accountability 

Deal highlights:

  • Through our pilot, 96% of users surveyed say Focusmate improves their productivity by at least half
  • 51% of tested users have converted to paying customers and active users book 11 fifty-minute appointments every week 
  • Daily active users growing 20% month over month
  • Originated from Taylor Jacobson’s executive coaching background, with clients like Yale, Wharton and Cornell 
  • $350K in backing from top investors including CoVenture, Betaworks, Towerview Ventures, and Nir Eyal, “the prophet of habit-forming technology” according to MIT Technology Review

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It's never been harder to focus than it is today

Workers are more isolated and distracted
than ever before in history

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