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Quarters are a universal gaming currency
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Deal highlights

  • Quarters are the universal virtual currency for gaming
  • Quarters can be used across different video games and platforms
  • Led by a 12 year old gamer turned CEO, and backed by award-winning team
  • Game developers can accept Quarters on all major gaming platforms
  • Over one billion players spend $138B per year in video games
  • Partnered with Rise9, an influencer community with over 700M followers
  • Raised over $400,000 to date
  • Team has previously created award-winning hits earning multiple billions of dollars in revenue across games, music and YouTube

Founded & led by the 12-year old gamer turned CEO

“Why should coins get stuck in games I no longer want to play? I was coming home from school and my dad was explaining the new big thing, crypto. At the time, I was frustrated because whenever I quit a game I lost all my hard-work, time, effort, and worst of all, my coins. I know my friends share my frustration. With Quarters, you will have one wallet for all of your games.” 

— George Weiksner, 12, CEO

George on the set of Meet of the Drapers


Players leave millions behind in games that they no longer play

Virtual currencies (Coins, Gold, Gems, etc.) are used in games across genres and platforms. Players buy these currencies with real money. 

Players usually don't spend all of the virtual currency. When they want to play a new game, they have to abandon their winnings and start again from scratch. 

This leaves millions of dollars frozen inside games, every day!


Quarters are universal gaming tokens

Quarters are the universal virtual currency for gaming, usable across different games and platforms.

Players have a single wallet with Quarters. When they start playing a new game, they can transfer Quarter coins to that game.  When they don’t want to play that game any more, they can transfer Quarters back to their wallet, and use them in other games.

Quarters are designed specifically for playing games and not for storing value. Like classic arcade tokens (i.e. Chuck E Cheese), you can buy Quarters but you can’t redeem them outside of the gaming ecosystem.

You are investing in Q2 tokens, which pay you royalties on the sales of Quarters tokens, not the gaming-centered Quarters tokens. See “Token Economics” for more info.

How it works:

1. Register to get a Quarters wallet

2. Buy Quarters with USD or ETH (Quarters have a fixed price for players)

3. Approve transfer of Quarters to developer

4. Play game, potentially earning more Quarters

Quarters help game developers

Game developers compete to collect Quarters from game players. Players transfer Quarters to developers in order to play games. In turn, developers (but not players) exchange Quarters for Ether, based on a formula set in the smart contract.

Quarters can incentivize game adoption. Players get free Quarters when they sign up, and whenever the number of Quarters sold doubles. Free Quarters are a fun reward for everyone in the Quarters ecosystem.

For further detail on the Quarters ecosystem, you can read the Quarters Whitepaper.


With the core infrastructure built and key partnerships lined up, the Quarters ecosystem is prepared for rapid adoption by players and developers. Highlights include:

1. We’ve launched Quarters and the portal, pocketfulofquarters.com — tokens are already available for purchase by players with an email address and a credit card — it's that easy!  

2. Tools and API for developers — with a few lines of codes, developers can accept Quarters in their games. We currently support JavaScript, Node, Unity IOS and Android, and PlayFab. In addition, developers can use our API on any platform.

3. Technology partnership with Matic.network to enable us to scale Quarters transactions without creating congestion on the Ethereum mainnet or incurring excessive fees.

4. Distribution partnerships with influencers via Rise9 (www.rise9app.com). Rise9 influencers have over 700,000,000 followers in their community.

5. Raised $400,000 from leading media figures and investors including Michelle Phan, Ugur Koyoglu and other angel investors in a SAFE note and in a private pre-sale of Q2 tokens (same tokens you are investing in).  


Michelle Phan 

Investor & Advisor

An early pioneer on YouTube with over 1 billion views. Founder of Ipsy, which is valued at $1B and has over 3,000,000 paid subscribers for its beauty and wellness products.

YouTube - Website - Wikipedia

Ugur Koyluoglu


Ugur is currently Vice Chair at Oliver Wyman. He has been steering the firm’s high-impact corporate strategy, finance and risk management projects for financial institutions across the globe. Ugur invest in innovators who reframe a customer problem and solve it with an unconventional approach. Ugur holds a PhD from Princeton University.  Full Biography at Oliver Wyman


Revenue from video games is about seven times (7x) bigger than movies and music combined.  One in seven people play video games globally, which is about 1.2B people.

Video games are a $138B market, growing rapidly (>10% per year).


Quarters are intended to be the first gaming token desired by players, distributed directly to players, that has a stable value and works across platforms. Meanwhile, traditional in-game currencies are stuck in each game. Other gaming cryptocurrencies that we are aware of have fixed token supplies with fluctuating values.

What's next

We’re on track to launch the Quarters Beta by December 2018.

Our version 1 was a success: we’ve collected a lot of valuable customer feedback and implemented it into an upcoming v.2, which we plan to launch at the end of 2018.

This fall, we will open up a waitlist, and let some players and their friends test our first games. Gaming influencers will play the games to get players excited about Quarters. Then we will launch the Beta to the public for mid-December 2018.


We have an amazing team backing George and his vision. This award-winning team has decades of experience in the gaming and technology industry. 

George B. Weiksner

Co-founder & CEO

“Why should coins get stuck in games I no longer want to play?” George founded Pocketful of Quarters to fix this problem for himself and his friends. George is also a seventh grader at Greenwich Country Day School. He is a regular speaker about cryptocurrencies and games, he has appeared in various publications, including Marketwatch, BusinessInsider, Sunrise TV, ICO Investor TV, Be Inspired, and The New York Post. He streams games on YouTube and Twitch as ThisKidCEO.  LinkedIn - YouTube -  Twitch -  Instagram


Mike Weiksner, PhD

Co-Founder & CTO

A tech investor (Rostrum Capital and Flatfooted, LLC) and a tech entrepreneur (EndlessTV and E-thePeople.org). Ph.D. in communications from Stanford University and an A.B. in Computer Science from Princeton University.  LinkedIn - Github - Twitter


Chris Cross


Chris is a gaming legend best known for designing the original Medal of Honor. Chris has designed and directed games that have been played by over 300M players and earned in excess of $6 billion in revenue.   LinkedIn - Moby Credits


Devo Harris (Springsteen)


Devo is a 3x grammy award winner, for his work with Kanye West and John Legend. He has also collaborated with Britney Spears, Nas, Aretha Franklin, Common, and Barack Obama. Devo is founder & CEO of Adventr.tv, named one of the 100 Most Innovative Companies in the world.  LinkedIn - Wikipedia - Medium

Investor Resources

Quarters vs Q2 Tokens

When you investing in this deal, you’re investing in Q2 tokens, not Quarters tokens.

Quarters Tokens

Quarters (symbol:Q) are a token designed for game use only. They’re available for sale on PocketfulOfQuarters.com, can be earned as rewards for participating, and - by design - cannot be sold back for financial gain.

Players can use Quarters to play games within our ecosystem. Game developers compete to collect Quarters from game players. Players transfer Quarters to developers in order to play games. In turn, developers (but not players) exchange Quarters for Ether, based on a formula set in the smart contract.

Q2 Tokens

Q2 (symbol: Q2) are revenue-sharing tokens, designed to attract the initial investment needed to jumpstart the Quarters ecosystem. Q2 tokens are royalty tokens that distribute the  ETH dividends earned as Quarters are sold.

Q2 investors earn royalties on the sale of Quarters whenever Quarters are bought via the smart contract. When that happens:

  • 15% goes to Q2 holders; and
  • 85% is held in escrow to pay to game developers as players use Quarters in their games.

Q2 holders will earn royalties from the sale of Quarters proportional to their ownership of the Q2 network.

Token Economics

How this investment opportunity works

Investors are offered to invest in POQ Issuer, LLC and receive a Token DPA — a debt instrument, payable by assets (Q2 Tokens).

Per the DPA Agreement:

  • POQ Issuer, LLC is to acquire Q2 Tokens during the planned Jan 2019 Q2 Token Distribution Event.
  • POQ Issuer, LLC is to repay investors (Token DPA holders) with Q2 Tokens with a 20% premium.

Please consult the DPA Agreement for complete terms including timing, Republic’s and POQ Issuer’s commission, how funds are handled, what happens with the funds in case the Tokens never get distributed by POQ Issuer, LLC, etc.

This debt offering is suitable for sophisticated investors with knowledge of blockchain technology and the ability to assess its applications and their market potentials only.

POQ Issuer, LLC is conducting this debt offering, with principal plus 20% interest payable by Tokens (Q2) in lieu of cash, as per the terms of the DPA Agreement. Please carefully review the entire DPA for complete offering terms. POQ Issuer, LLC is a Delaware company and an affiliate of Pocketful of Quarters, Inc., a service company to help promote the adoption of the Quarters ecosystem.

Let's make games better for players!

Together, we can bring Quarters to games everywhere, and make games better for players.

Thank you for supporting my effort to make games better for me, my friends and players all around the world!  — George Weiksner

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