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Sales platform removing the grunt work of selling and managing advertising campaigns and conference sponsorships.
$53,000 Raised
Ended December 1st
1000 Investors

We believe the landscape for media companies has changed dramatically over the last few years. New forms of advertising are constantly hitting the industry, ad-free content is becoming more ubiquitous, and consumers have become adept at blocking online ads. However, the process of selling direct advertising and conference sponsorships hasn’t evolved with the times. With the sales process becoming more confusing and expensive, it has become increasingly difficult for media businesses to keep a healthy bottom line.

After working with publishers of all sizes, we saw the pain points that came with selling media.

We built Adistry to help media companies easily diversify and scale their sales. No matter if they’re a website, podcast, newsletter, or conference, our purpose is to help make the process of buying and selling ads a lot less stressful on businesses with limited resources.

With Adistry, we want to help media companies get more leads and sales, and advertisers rest assured that they’ve bought the most effective advertising campaign for their needs.

We have a full onboarding schedule and are continually bringing new clients into the pipeline. With two engineers and our co-founder, Meghan, as our only person spearheading sales, we are at $12k in MRR. Our goal is to raise enough funds to hire a sales team and more engineering talent to scale Adistry to the next level.

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