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Radically simple video search software
$58,500 Raised
Ended December 15th
1000 Investors

Industry Challenge

Although the use of video content is growing consistently (it already consumes over 70% of Internet bandwidth and 4.5% of storage hardware purchased worldwide), the tools for tagging, searching, and managing it are complex, expensive and not widely deployed.

Today, there are many video teams worldwide, shooting and editing growing amounts of video in a variety of contexts. As video becomes more important, especially for social media, we expect this market to continue expanding. We believe as many as 10% of these teams will need an efficient way to tag, catalog, and manage their content. In addition, new cameras are released continuously, which tend to feature formats such as 4K, 6K, and 8K which take up increasing amounts of storage and further the drive the need to manage content.

What is axle ai?

We provide what we believe are the best solutions to the challenges of the fast-growing scale in media creation. Our core software, axle ai 2018, is being deployed by a wide range of customers who create and manage video. Its artificial intelligence capabilities allow a high degree of video tagging without corresponding amounts of human labor.  Our recently-acquired axle ai connectr software is a visual programming tool aimed at making it easy to build custom workflows, not only around our own products but potentially those of a wide range of tools in the industry.  We are a 17-person company, based in Boston and with team members based in the UK and Eastern Europe.  More than anything, we believe we are ideally positioned to grow with the continuous expansion of our market space over the coming years.

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