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Digital Brands Group

A curated group of digital-first lifestyle brands that is redefining retail and the customer experience through a shared resources model.
$2,909,017 Raised
Ended January 19th

Our company was first founded in 2012 as Denim.LA, LLC and specialized in crafting and selling premium essentials directly to the consumer. We launched our first brand, DSTLD (‘distilled’) in 2014 with an emphasis on luxury-grade denim, t-shirts, leather jackets, outerwear, and other high quality everyday essentials no one can live without. Due to the popularity of DSTLD, growing demand from its 70k+ customer base, and the success of two prior Regulation A+ financing rounds, we saw an opportunity to evolve the Denim.LA brand into Digital Brands Group, a portfolio of digital-first lifestyle brands.  

Digital Brands Group's (DBG) strategy is to create a  portfolio of digital-first lifestyle brands that share  operational, infrastructure, and data resources as means to drive down redundant fixed costs that are difficult to establish and expensive to maintain. By forming a shared resources model of curated vertical commerce (v-commerce) labels, each of which bring a unique set of products, values, and engaged customers to DBG, we're able to scale multiple brands under one umbrella and create a business that is exponentially larger than any one single brand. 

Because of the increasing market share direct and digital brands are capturing, DBG is focused on expanding its portfolio of brands through both building and buying digital-first businesses. Currently, DBG is comprised of two digitally native brands: (1) DSTLD | Premium Denim + Essentials, and (2) ACE Studios | Luxury Men's Suiting + Sportswear, launching Q4 2018

DSTLD (pronounced 'distilled') has previously completed two Regulation A+ rounds with SeedInvest, raising over $4.6M from more than 3,400 investors. DSTLD was DBG's first portfolio company and recently surpassed $15M in revenue from more than 71.9K customers.

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