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Advanced LED horticultural lighting technology for optimizing plant growth
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Ended December 15th
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The agricultural market is changing.  Indoor grow lighting is poised to re-define how we grow food. This new market is about growing plants indoors in a controlled environment without pesticides, and lighting is a critical component.  

There are two rapidly growing markets in this sector; indoor growing of cannabis, and indoor vertical farming for growing food. By 2022, cannabis is expected to be a $24 billion market in the U.S. alone while Indoor vertical food farming is expected to grow to a $6 billion market.  

We believe there are three major problems with most current grow lights - they’re not designed for plants, they generate excessive heat, and they waste a tremendous amount of energy.

Growgenics has created an innovative solution that aims to address and solve these problems via our advanced high-efficiency variable color spectrum LED shape lighting technology.  Our laboratory testing has revealed accelerated plant growth with reduced energy. We just recently closed our first major lighting deal with a  mid-west vertical grow farm. In addition, we filed our utility patents this past March 2018 and are currently in discussions with a major U.S. distribution partner.

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