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A SportsTech company enabling youth sport coaches, parents and kids to share feedback, set goals and track player development.
$90,004 Raised
Ended December 15th
1000 Investors

Did you know that 70% of kids quit youth sports by the age of 13? And can we blame them? With parents screaming from the sidelines and coaches who don't have the time or tools to help kids succeed. Research tells us that kids are quitting youth sports because it's just not fun anymore.

With 45 million kids playing youth sports in the US, stressed sideline parents, and inexperienced coaches have become a national epidemic that is not limited by geography, demographics, or socio-economics.

While 3 of the biggest names in sports (Dick's Sporting Goods, NBC Sports, Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys) have acquired over 30 youth SportsTech apps in the last 2 years, they are all focused on tools for the administrators of sports programs such as scheduling, scorekeeping, player registrations, and payment processing. But these businesses are less focused on tools that help kids have fun and be more successful. This void became our business opportunity.

So, in 2016, we decided to change the way youth sports coaches and parents collaborate, communicate, and track player success. The result was novel but so simple: when coaches and parents are on the same page, kids are much more likely to have fun and be successful in their sport.

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