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Automatic account-based advertising platform for B2B enterprises.
$1,779,373 Raised
Ended January 26th

Online advertising has become an increasingly important component of a healthy B2B marketing mix. It can result in a surge of net-new, inbound leads from target accounts, or renewed attention of an existing prospect.

Yet, setting up an effective omni-channel advertising operation can be a slow, costly, and complex process for B2B teams. Siloed tools, systems integration, and personnel required in the process can lead to poor, frustrating results for many companies.

An effective Ad Operations strategy involves extensive A/B testing, varying the target persona, time of day, and digital content mix to achieve statistical optimization. A/B testing process, however, is often slow, not thorough enough, and may not scale.

Metadata’s patented technology executes B2B campaigns, automatically optimizing them for pipeline impact faster than humans can, to help companies achieve better conversion rates.

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