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Mobile Reality Enterprises

Virtual Reality content distribution and solutions platform for group experiences.
$5,000 Raised
Ended December 22nd
5000 Investors

Virtually Reality is typically presented as a single-user experience because the technical complexities of presenting VR are expensive and demanding. Complicated PC setups appeal to home-based gaming enthusiasts, but everyday consumers must try premium VR at location-based arcades, convention demos, or worse, consider non-interactive, smartphone-based 360 video to be VR. We believe accessibility, availability, and complexity are simply unacceptable in VR's current state and communal, multiuser VR is a more effective and engaging experience. 

We have built a space-effective, mobile, multi-user virtual reality entertainment unit able to position itself in high-traffic events and provide group experiences to crowds of people. Our high-capacity, high-throughput service presents VR content to simultaneous users, group after group with ease. It's an efficient VR presentation method, with premium, interactive VR experiences and the ability to serve nearly a thousand people per day.

Our prototype franchise-style unit has been operating for six months, providing entertainment for attendees at events, festivals, fairs, concerts, carnivals, conferences, private rentals, promotional activations, and on city streets. However, the mobile franchise model is just one market to explore. We believe this disruptive technology could usher in an entirely new way to present and distribute VR content simply and efficiently in markets that include gaming, real estate, training and education, promotion, esports, and travelling amusement.

Mobile Reality is one of the first companies tackling multiuser VR presentation, and we believe our experience, hardware, and software solutions will be an ecosystem for content distribution into various markets that will change the landscape of VR presentation and consumption for the better. 

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