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Orion Span

Luxury space hotel and human spaceflight platform
$228,700 Raised
Ended January 26th

Today, the problem is that the International Space Station (ISS) is backlogged and potentially near the end of its life, with planned retirement looming. With that, space tourists will have lost one of the primary options available to them. Astronauts worldwide will lose a place to operate & train. Life science and material science space research will be inhibited.

To answer this challenge, Orion Span plans to build Aurora Station, a turnkey and modular human spaceflight platform designed to scale dynamically to the market. Aurora Station will be pre-loaded on the ground for immediate service & monetization upon launch. As demand increases, we anticipate our scalable and modular design will allow us to expand by attaching another of the same station. Simplifying into a single design reaps simplified operations. 

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