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A crowdsourced 3D map of the world filled with digital content.
$150,000 Raised
Ended February 9th

Although great 2D maps exist today, they are missing a dimension. Without 3D maps, we will not have a digital overlay, a layer to our world that will propel mixed reality forward. Imagine a world where anything virtual can be embedded into our physical world. Content, apps, screens and more can exist at any point in 3D-space and react based on presence. Walk into a stadium and have a virtual version of your favorite player guide you to your suite. Have your favorite artist play for your guests at a gathering where the decor can change in a blink of the eye. Pay for groceries by tossing bitcoin at a counter that has an address embedded within it on the way out.

Practical is laying the foundation for this digital layer by crowdsourcing the information needed to help computers understand our world; creating tools that allow anyone to build, experiment with, and experience digital content in the world around them.

We have already mapped over 4,000,000 sqft. to date. We started with the interiors of buildings because people spend the most time inside, but when digital exists all around us, people will explore and care more for the exteriors too. Our process starts with scanning environments manually using phones and head-mounted devices, but as incentives grow, we expect more specialized equipment to emerge and begin to source data from satellites, drones, and autonomous vehicles.

To enable the future of more automated means of capture, we will introduce PRAX, a blockchain-based token. PRAX will allow us to reward users for the data they contribute and generate revenue for the services we provide through daily direct sales. Practical has taken the first step of building this vision by creating an engine with seamless end-user authentication using cryptography, physical environment awareness, and content delivery. 

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