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Patented filtration technology alleviating common side effects from drinking wine
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The Mission & Vision

Wine Intolerance is a big problem hiding in plain sight! We estimate that 36 million U.S. adults 21+ (43% of the wine drinking population*) suffer moderate to frequent side effects from drinking wine. 

The mission of PureWine is to end the problem of wine intolerance and enable more people to enjoy the unique pleasures and health benefits of wine.

The Problem

The most common side effects from drinking wine are a function of an individual’s genetics, age, and lifestyle.

The cause of some immediate side effects may not be the alcohol, but rather the histamines and the sulfites that are in all red, white, rosé, and sparkling wines.

The Solution 

PureWine products work by removing the four kinds of histamines and the two kinds of sulfites which trigger some of the common side effects from drinking wine. Importantly, PureWine products work without significantly changing the taste, aromas, or color of wine**.

*43% incidence of wine intolerance is an estimate based on a third-party survey sponsored by PureWine targeting wine-drinking American women between the ages of 30-60 with income over $75,000.

**Study conducted in 2015 by Florida International University, School of Hospitality and sponsored by PureWine. The Wand was tested by trained and untrained sensory panelists. No significant taste differences were detected between treated and untreated samples of selected Cabernet Sauvignon wines. The paper has not yet been published.

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