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An interactive email-based merchandising platform specialized in distributing real-time perishable inventories
$654,354 Raised
Ended December 8th
1000 Investors

We recorded an average of  30 clicks, 8 pages, and 7 minutes for a passenger to assign a seat online, which consisted of copy and pasting e-ticket numbers from email, logging into the airline's website, and navigating through multiple pages. This lengthy login process is not only a bad user experience, but it also acts as a barrier for the passenger to access airlines' product service offerings, also known as "Ancillary Services." 

SeatAssignMate's white-label interactive email solution brings convenience and transparency to accessing and booking airlines' ancillary services. The purpose is to help airlines provide their passengers with a more seamless and pleasurable user-experience for seat assignment, seat upgrade, flight check-in, and ancillary purchases.  

SeatAssignMate is created by the industry, for the industry, and the SeatAssignMate team has vast knowledge and experience when it comes to travel operations. The Company has two respected airlines jetBlue Technology Ventures and ELAL (Israel) as investors, and graduated from the International Airline Group (IAG) Hangar 51 accelerator.

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