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An online platform modernizing the equipment rental industry
$106,600 Raised
Ended December 22nd
1000 Investors

Construction equipment rental is a $50B a year industry, and it suffers from inefficiencies, fragmentation, and lack of transparency. The combination of these issues increases the cost of doing business, and creates an ideal environment for innovation to thrive.

In equipment rental, pricing is rarely found online, and when found, it is usually incomplete and/or difficult to understand. Because of this, consumers are forced to call several suppliers in order to obtain pricing, availability, and to secure the rental.

For renters, Tobly provides an intuitive technology platform that offers instant pricing, availability, rental lifecycle management, and reporting, all while providing market rates. Additionally, Tobly's platform can collect relevant information and upfront payment to complete bookings in just a couple of minutes.

Tobly’s customers are in facilities management, construction, and video production. Companies in these industries spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on equipment rentals each year. Tobly allows them to gain full control and visualization of the company’s rental activity.

For suppliers, Tobly brings new business at no cost, allowing them to stop worrying about sales and marketing, and focus on their fleet operation. Tobly partners with hundreds of suppliers from market leaders to local businesses.

The product prioritizes local business in order to support the local economy and offers suppliers a more efficient and cost-effective way to generate new business. This ultimately brings cash flow and utilization to an optimal level. Tobly has processed nearly $1mm in equipment rentals through its platform, directly benefiting local businesses.

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