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VIAAS is a cloud-based commercial subscription video surveillance solution.
$30,062 Raised
Ended December 22nd
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"VIAAS delivers professional video surveillance, cloud video storage and administration, and unparalleled value to our customers" - Matt Connolly, VIAAS President.

VIAAS is an integrated cloud-based video surveillance service provider, selling turn-key solutions to commercial customers (SMB to Enterprise) through channel partners, VARs, and systems integrators. VIAAS Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) was launched in 2008 under Barracuda Networks ownership and was spun out as a new corporation (VIAAS, Inc.) in June 2017. With 10 years of experience, VIAAS is among the top VSaaS solutions in the market and holds 3 issued U.S. patents.

Traditional "CCTV" and surveillance systems have not kept up with the shift to cloud-based solutions.  VIAAS is a true cloud commercial video surveillance solution, and has taken video surveillance to a new level in terms of scalability, ease of deployment, and secure cloud video storage.  Simply stated, VIAAS delivers performance and value to our customers.  

Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) is growing at more than 22% CAGR and VIAAS believes it is well positioned to capture significant market share.  The VSaaS market is projected to grow to nearly $6B by 2022. To date, VIAAS has delivered thousands of cameras to hundreds of SMB, education, government and enterprise customers throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.  As a VSaaS provider, VIAAS generates recurring revenue on service plans, often with gross margins  greater than 80%.  Many customers stay with VIAAS for many years, often adding cameras and service plans along the way.  The demand for commercial video surveillance is on the rise.  VIAAS believes it will capture a significant piece of that market.

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