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WhereBy.Us is a media platform that aims to help locals make the most of their cities.
$1,049,173 Raised
Ended February 9th

The future is built in cities. We believe that cities are centers of innovation, creativity, and exploration, and they're growing like never before, driven by a new generation of young people. That generation wants to know what's happening and what to do where they live, but the system is broken. Based on our research, they spend more time and money on local experiences, but are the least likely to feel attachment to their city.

Today, they have to use a disjointed mix of search, apps, event listings, and traditional news media to find a sense of place. Or to find the best tacos. They need a new model to emerge and serve them. Plus, businesses spend $150B a year trying to reach them where they live.

We’re here to help them keep up, get involved, and make connections that build deep, lasting relationships. We’re here to help a generation of digital nomads live like they live here.

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