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Black History Streaming Video Service
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American Legacy Network... Black History Made Every Day!

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"The preservation of African-American history is our collective responsibility. Now more than ever before, we must strive every day to hold our history in trust for the unborn."


Rodney J. Reynolds 

Founder, American Legacy Network

For over 23 years, the mission of the American Legacy brand (magazine, board game, mobile truck exhibit, black history curriculum guide and television program) has been to preserve and celebrate African-American history and culture. American Legacy has been a catalyst in preserving the African-American experience in America. Our transition to television is the next step in the brand's evolution. 

Why American Legacy Network? Simply put, to our knowledge, there is currently no network on television today that is totally dedicated to celebrating African-American history and culture on a consistent basis. American Legacy Network will fill the void with content designed to inspire, empower and educate the black community, especially our youth in America. ALN will be a network that the entire family can enjoy.

We invite you to join American Legacy Network as we celebrate and preserve our rich and noble history!

"Our nation needs more services that provide valuable and differentiated content instead of just another copycat product."

Major Cable Provider Content & Acquisition Executive 

Alissa Henry, host of Your Black History News Updates!

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