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Atlis Motor Vehicles

The electric pickup truck with no compromises
$1,069,945 Raised
Ended February 8th
3008 Investors

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We're raising $1 million dollars to develop a working prototype of our XT pickup truck. 

"To build a better future, we need to create better alternatives. We created Atlis Motor Vehicles because we believe pickup trucks are some of the most enjoyed and desired vehicles on the market, and the one truck that can benefit significantly from electrification. If we're going to deliver an all-electric pickup truck, it must not require compromises."

- Mark Hanchett, Founder

Atlis Motor Vehicles is designing and building a plug-in battery electric pickup truck, with unprecedented capabilities, at a reasonable price. Our goal is to bring back the excitement and affordability of the pickup truck while racing towards the future of electric mobility.

We are raising funding to finish development of our prototype Atlis Motor Vehicles XT pickup truck and Advanced Charging Station. We have completed our feasibility studies, developed small-scale prototypes of critical capabilities such as a fast charging battery pack, completed preliminary vehicle industrial design concepts, and are looking to design and build our full-scale prototype vehicle.


$.29/share│When you invest you are betting the company’s future value will exceed $4M.