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Durability, Reliability, and Safety for Residential and Commercial Construction

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In 2017, natural disasters cost the United States close to $306 billion in damages. From near record-breaking rainfall in California, to catastrophic hurricanes in Texas, to devastating wildfires (also California), to one of the worst natural disasters to impact Puerto Rico (which left thousands without power and an estimated 3,000 people dead), we believe it’s clear that our building methods must evolve.


While finding ways to better track oncoming natural disasters and other environmental crises is necessary, we believe insuring the integrity for our homes and businesses is even more crucial. But, the reality is most residential and commercial properties are simply ill-equipped for the rapidly changing environment.


CONC-STEEL is prepared to step in and change the status quo in the construction industry with its ability to create building products based on a patent-pending insulated construction method that offers a new level of protection against severe winds and other extreme weather. CONC-STEEL holds a renewable exclusive license from Founder John Koszalkowski to produce panels based on the technology for two (2) years with an option to purchase the patent outright at the end of that period.


The Problem:

Traditional building techniques that rely on wood framing, where nails connect walls, floors and roofs, often fail under the stress of high wind conditions. Walls built from plywood, insulation and drywall can be pierced by the debris thrown by hurricane-force winds. Roofs can be ripped from buildings, and buildings themselves can be torn from their foundations.


The Solution:

We offer an alternative to these construction techniques that produces buildings that can withstand wind conditions traditional frame and even block construction cannot, while remaining cost-competitive. Our founders possess years of experience in entrepreneurship, product development, design, commercial and residential construction, and land development. We believe we have the skills, savvy, and know-how to reimagine and revolutionize the building process from the ground up.

Your investment will enable us to help more people protect themselves and their personal property.  We believe our construction products provide the chance to save millions (even billions) of dollars in private and taxpayer money for repairs and reconstruction costs for destroyed buildings after a catastrophic weather events. With these advantages we plan to build a global company with regional factories around the world producing products for their local markets.

The Offering

$1.50/share of Common Stock│When you invest you are betting the company’s future value will exceed $4.1M.


$10,000+ — Investors of at least $10,000 will be eligible to receive dinner with the Founder and President, John Koszalkowski. John will host a private dinner at an exclusive local eatery at his expense to discuss any aspects of the Company and its plans for the future.

*All perks occur after the offering is completed.

For details on the bonus, please see the Offering Summary below.

Development Stage

The Product has been designed and been reviewed by a licensed structural engineer who rated it for use in environments with winds up to 250 mph. We are currently working with a testing lab to certify the product with the Florida Building Commission as a hurricane resistant building product. The funds from this capital raise will be used in part to cover the expense of certification and to acquire the necessary machinery to begin production.  

CONC-STEEL has already established relationships with the manufacturer of the production equipment, and they have stated that the necessary modifications to their equipment will be both possible and relatively simple to effect. CONC-STEEL will manufacture its own trusses, beams and posts using industry standard techniques. The necessary equipment for this will also be purchased or leased based on the proceeds of this funding round. Prototypes of the panel connectors have been produced and are in pre-production.

How It Works

The basis of CONC-STEEL is its panelized formwork system. Each panel comprises two sections of rigid insulation held apart from each other to form a continuous void. Within this void is a latticework of steel reinforcement and mechanical ties that hold all the pieces in relative position to one another. 

Once a foundation or slab has been prepared, interior structural supports consisting of metal posts, beams, and trusses are installed to brace the exterior shell. CONC-STEEL will manufacture its own trusses to distribute the weight of the concrete roof panels, which are formed in a continuous pour with the walls. With this skeleton in place, the panels are assembled at the site to create an insulated mold of the walls and roof of a building.  These panels can include many architectural and structural details, such as pilasters and corbels. The steel reinforcing from adjoining panels are connected, and the seams between the panels are heat sealed.  

When concrete is poured into the panel cavities, it creates a continuous building envelope; a monolithic, integrated unit. The entire structure provides ballast against whatever wind or tidal forces may come.  


CONC-STEEL also will manufacture shutters, structural metal posts, beams, and trusses, and distribute reinforced storm windows, shutters, and doors to complete the protective shell. Together these elements create  buildings that can resist wind, debris, water infiltration, and fire. The combination of concrete and polystyrene panels also minimizes thermal exchange, minimizing heating and cooling costs and reducing our buildings’ environmental footprints.

Our Mission: To provide building products that allow clients to keep themselves, their families and their property safe during catastrophic environmental events.

CONC-STEEL Plans to Set a New Standard

We believe CONC-STEEL represents a new standard for safety in industrial, commercial, and residential construction. Our reinforced, insulated formwork allows builders to construct an energy efficient building envelope that can withstand the power of violent storms, wildfires and impact events at a price competitive with standard frame or block construction methods.

Our Key Advantages

Quick, Easy Assembly


Our formwork panels can be assembled more easily and quickly at a building site than existing block-sized forms. The integrated reinforcing saves the labor usually associated with manually placing rebar into formwork. Trusses, posts and beams matched to the bearing requirements of the building are also provided.

Ease of Transport


Since these panels are much lighter weight than completed concrete panels, they are much less expensive to move to a site, and do not require the heavy equipment needed to assemble "tilt-up" panels, avoiding significant sources of both cost and physical risk associated with that technique.  

 Highly Cost Efficient


Labor costs can be shifted from highly-skilled, heavy-equipment operators and masons to less expensive, lower-skilled workers. CONC-STEEL will allow contractors to accelerate their production schedules and lower their labor and liability expenses, while providing buildings that exhibit the highest levels of security and protection.

Our Features and Benefits are Unparalleled

Unique & Customized

Our panels are custom made to conform to the design of each building. So, rather than becoming another constraint to the design process, the CONC-STEEL system simplifies the realization of our clients’ design intentions. 

Cool and on the Cutting Edge


CONC-STEEL walls don't only provide protection from extreme weather events.  The structural core of our panels resists fire and infestation, and is not vulnerable to many climate-related threats. Our buildings are better able than those made with traditional construction techniques to stand up to environmental hazards.

Innovative Technology


Our panels can be configured to provide different thicknesses of insulation, concrete, or steel reinforcement, and can be produced in lengths up to the maximum that can be transported to a site on currently available vehicles. 

Never Before Seen Features


CONC-STEEL panels reduce the amount of on-site labor it takes to produce a reinforced concrete building by eliminating the need to hire on-site crews to install insulation, vapor barriers, wiring conduits and other features that can be manufactured to higher tolerances less expensively in the factory.

Our Products & System Will Keep Your Property Intact Even in the Most Severe Weather

Often, roofs are the focal point of destruction in an extreme wind event. Overhangs, provide a surface for winds to push up against, and updrafts can lift a roof partially or completely off, providing an entrance for wind and rain that will lead to further building failures in addition to the destruction of any property inside. 


CONC-STEEL roof panels are integrated with the walls rather than simply being connected.  The entire shell is anchored to the foundation as well as to the structural metal of the post, beams and trusses. The outcome? An entire building structure made to be highly resistant to severe weather. 

250 MPH Winds? We Have You Covered

The 2017 Hurricane season was the most expensive on record. Between Harvey, Maria, and Irma, the U.S. experienced more than $200 billion in damage from these storms.


In Puerto Rico, hurricane winds reached over 155 miles per hour, destroying a massive segment of built structures across the Island, and leaving thousands without power or shelter. An estimated total number of more than 1,000 people died.


Scientists predict that hurricanes and other natural disasters will only get worse in a world that keeps getting hotter. We believe that working together to reduce the effects of global warming is not enough. We must arm our communities with the properly reinforced buildings to protect what is near and dear to us. 


Rather than cleaning up after destruction has occurred and rebuilding, we can prevent destruction in the first place. CONC-STEEL has the solution and is prepared to implement it.  

CONC-STEEL’s Protection Only Begins with Wind

Alhough extreme winds (hurricanes, tornadoes, and severe storms) are the principal cause of widespread damage to properties, they are certainly not the only risk. In October 2017, wildfires in Northern California, dubbed the “Northern California Firestorm,” caused major destruction, leaving entire neighborhoods in ruins. In total, 245,000 acres were destroyed by the series of 250 wildfires that burned across the state.

Because of the sudden nature of these fires, residents had only minutes to escape their homes, many with nothing more than the clothes on their back, and a phone. After the fires ended, evacuees returned to find they were left only with memories of the properties that they had raised their families within.


CONC-STEEL can help reduce the tragic loss of homes and property due to fire, so people can return to find their homes, their belongings, and their lives intact. 

Rewarding and Lucrative Industry

Our product has the potential to touch thousands—if not millions—of lives across the country in a positive way. Knowing that we can protect families and business owners’ assets, history, and memories is a very special thing.  


Each production line for CONC-STEEL panels is able to produce materials to build ten typical houses each day at full capacity. We project reaching full capacity for our first facility by year end 2019.


In a recent report from Market Research Hub, the global construction industry is expected to grow 4.2 percent from 2018 to 2023; including more project opportunities in residential and nonresidential infrastructure. 

Similarly, the incident and emergency management market size is projected to expand from USD 93.44 billion in 2018 to USD 122.94 billion by 2023, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5.6%. 

By the end of 2019, CONC-STEEL plans to be able to deploy equipment and open production facilities in locales devastated by natural disasters and begin helping communities to rebuild critical housing stock.  Working with local governments and aid agencies, we expect to be able to open new facilities in as little as three months after hurricanes, tsunamis or other events, allowing communities to recover and rebuild “better and stronger.”

The increase in the number of natural disasters from a variety of sources is a key factor in CONC-STEEL’s projected growth. 

Our company is prepared to become a leader in both construction, and the growing emergency management space. 

Our Initial Phases

CONC-STEEL's Founder John Koszalkowski filed for a provisional patent for construction panels in May 2018, and anticipates submitting the full patent later in 2018. CONC-STEEL holds a renewable exclusive license to produce panels based on the patent pending technology for two (2) years with an option to purchase the patent outright at the end of that period. We have met with equipment manufacturers to determine the best avenue for producing the panels. Existing, available industrial equipment will require only minor modification, making it possible to deploy new plants around the globe in relatively short order.

We are currently pursuing certification for our panels as construction products, a designation that will greatly reduce the amount of engineering review required for each building. To date, engineering analysis has determined that our product meets the proper design parameters for windspeeds of up to 250 mph. 

"Building back better and stronger after a natural disaster is one of the most effective ways of ending the cycle of poverty and vulnerability that can trap people and communities. [. . .]   As climate change increases in intensity and impacts grow, we need to place an even greater priority on supporting countries with more resilient, swift and inclusive recovery and reconstruction processes."

John Roome

Senior Director, Climate Change, World Bank Group

CONC-STEEL: A Sound Decision

Environmental disasters are forecast to continue increasing. CONC-STEEL is prepared to safeguard our communities with our state of the art product. 


Imagine reducing the cost to families, government agencies, and insurers when natural disasters strike because buildings are constructed to withstand nature’s fury.

Imagine a family returning to their home after a hurricane or fire to find that their irreplaceable mementos are waiting for them unharmed.


We plan to revolutionize how buildings are built. With your investment, CONC-STEEL will have the financial capital necessary to move forward in its mission to protect our communities. 


CONC-STEEL represents a new standard for safety in industrial, commercial, and residential construction. Our reinforced, insulated formwork and custom manufactured posts, beams and trusses allow builders to construct an energy efficient building envelope that can withstand the power of violent storms, wildfires, and other impact forces to a degree not previously available at a price competitive with standard frame construction methods.

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