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Who We Are & What We Do

Localized Wedding Marketplace Solutions in Four Major Regions of the US

Poised for National Expansion

ETELLIGENT INC. is the producer of,
the most comprehensive online media marketplace specifically dedicated to the wedding industry, that connects shopping brides with wedding businesses in their local area. Organized by specific category and location, our wedding directories combine the highly successful features of the iconic yellow pages with the latest technologies to connect brides with the wedding businesses they prefer.

Our locally-targeted directory concept focuses on helping engaged couples find the best vendors for their wedding day when and where they are getting married. We offer unique geographically focused wedding directories that make us a valuable resource for vendors looking to book more weddings and for brides planning their weddings.

We connect shopping brides with an all-inclusive list of their local choices, making it easy for them to plan the wedding of their dreams.

Our website is designed to be easy to navigate and divided into relevant categories of business types to appeal to bridal shoppers. We’re easy to use, technologically advanced and designed to meet the needs and requests of the brides planning weddings. 

We offer unique geographically focused wedding directories that make us an incredibly valuable resource for wedding merchants looking to book more weddings and for engaged couples planning their weddings. From reception venues to photographers, caterers to florists we pride ourselves on providing the most comprehensive list of wedding businesses for each area. is a game changer in the wedding marketplace by being the only wedding website dedicated exclusively to connecting bridal customers and vendors at the local level

Our mission is to become the first choice for brides shopping for wedding services in the marketplace by creating the easiest solution to help engaged couples find, compare and connect with wedding vendors they want to do business with. By providing a simple, effective connection to all the resources couples need, we will become their preferred source for finding businesses to book for their wedding.

The Offering


$0.25/share of Common Stock | When you invest you are betting the company’s future value will exceed $6.8M

$250 Minimum Investment

Maximum 2,140,000 shares of common stock ($535,000)

Minimum 40,000 shares of common stock ($10,000)

Pre-Money Valuation Report by Equidam

We invite you to be part of this exciting opportunity to own a part of our future in the wedding advertising industry. 

For details on the bonus, please see the Offering Summary below.


This Document contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the federal securities laws, which involve risks and uncertainties. These forward-looking statements are not historical facts but rather are based on current expectations, estimates and projections about our industry, our beliefs and assumptions. We use words such as “anticipates,” “expects,” “intends,” “plans,” “believes,” “seeks,” “estimates” and variations of these words and similar expressions to identify forward-looking statements. These statements are not guarantees of future performance and are subject to certain risks, uncertainties and other factors, some of which are beyond our control, are difficult to predict and could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed or forecasted in the forward-looking statements. These risks and uncertainties include those described in “Risk Factors” and elsewhere in this Document. You should not place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements, which reflect our management’s view only as of the date of this Document. We undertake no obligation to update these statements or to release publicly the result of any revision to the forward-looking statements that we may make to reflect events or circumstances after the date of this Document or to reflect the occurrence of unanticipated events.

Weddings are a very lucrative, unique market place

Brides are powerful spenders.  The wedding industry generates $59+ billion in annual revenues. Every year there are 2.2 million+ new brides with equally many weddings. Typically, brides average planning their wedding for 11 months. Without adding in engagement jewelry, guest spending and honeymoons the national average wedding cost is over $25,000 a year with higher population density & higher income areas spending 30% more than that average. Second and even third marriages are often as large or larger than first weddings.

 Connect with our audience of engaged couples during one of the most acquisitional periods of their lives.

  • 2.2 million+ new brides & weddings every year
  • Brides spend an average of $25-$50,000+ in 11 months
  • Typically purchase goods and services from 16-20 merchants
  • 77% are between the ages of 19 – 34
  • 71% live or work within 18 miles of their wedding location
  • Engaged couples average Combined HHI is over $100k annually
  • Today’s brides expect to research most of their wedding online
  • 74% of brides prefer and trust local websites and publications to plan their weddings

Source courtesy of:  The Wedding Report.comThe National Center for Health StatisticsBBC NewsThe Library of CongressIBIS World.

Wedding Merchants Compete Aggressively for Wedding Bookings

The Wedding Industry is a highly competitive landscape requiring merchants to generate completely new customers every year. Weddings are traditionally on weekends and primarily on Saturdays limiting the number of weddings per year any one merchant can book. Wedding seasons can vary in different parts of the country, but high wedding season is usually late spring through early fall with 68% of weddings booking in season. Most merchants aim to book the more lucrative, higher end, more lavish weddings to increase their own profitability

Merchants are allocating more of their marketing funds to online promotion every year as they realize solid returns from web advertising.  

  • Over 2.2 million weddings a year nationally. 
  • Weddings generate an average of 25% more revenue than other typical customers
  • 68% of wedding bookings are concentrated seasonally
  • 83% of weddings want to book on a Saturday
  • A vendor’s prestige & image can generate higher yield bookings
  • More than 72% of advertising budgets now go to online promotion
  • Online advertising promotion increases 4.4% per year
  • 66% of small businesses are maintaining or increasing their spending on digital marketing

  • Wedding services industry revenue is projected to rise at an annualized 2.2% CAGR to reach $66.3 billion by 2020

Statistics courtesy of:  The Wedding Report.comForbes.comThe National Center for Health Statistics, BBC NewsThe Library of CongressIBIS World.

How We Make Money

Small & Rural Businesses

New businesses and merchants with a lower ROI per wedding, or away from major urban areas.

Mid-Size Advertisers

Peripheral businesses and businesses generating a mid-range return on wedding business

High ROI Larger Advertisers

The major players; receptions, photographers, caterers who realize substantial bridal revenues 

National Advertiser Accounts

National chains, wedding registries, honeymoon destinations and travel offerings

We have four potential revenue streams all generated through advertising sales.

  • The first is soliciting the Smaller Potential Advertisers with affordable options to encourage their participation to book more weddings, both by category and physical location. This includes new businesses, non-typical businesses or with a lower potential ROI per wedding booking and the wedding businesses in outlying and more rural areas. By offering Complimentary Listings to wedding businesses, we can later capitalize on charging a minimal fee for them to continue to be listed on our site. 
  • The second is offering an affordable option to Mid-Range Advertisers, who typically offer wedding services but have a lower potential ROI per booking, or wedding bookings are a smaller part of their business model. 
  • The third is our Premium Merchant Advertisers, the typical heavy advertisers who have a high potential ROI on any wedding booking. These advertisers need to maintain a prestigious image and protect their existing market share by being where brides look.
  • The fourth is our National Accounts, typically needing to reach the brides in all or most of our regions and directories. These advertisers typically consist of destination honeymoon resorts, cruise or specialty travel offerings, national retailers supplying bridal gowns and tuxedoes or offering wedding registries to newly engaged couples. 

Unlike our competitors, we actively solicit the smaller businesses and businesses in areas that aren’t well served by the national websites with attractive pricing to encourage their participation in our advertising programs.

How We Stand Out

Our solutions are based on the existing multi-billion dollar wedding industry media marketplace and current common practices in the wedding directory advertising industry. Today's wedding industry service providers buy advertising in nationally focused directory type publications to solicit bridal shoppers planning their weddings. All this is currently done in a very global way and with no effective ecosystem bringing together the brides and the vendors in their local marketplace. Just as Google did not invent a market, ETELLIGENT INC. is likewise only refining a marketplace  by providing better solutions for brides shopping for their weddings.

  • In our experience, current national wedding industry directive media marketplace companies focus on presenting wedding vendors almost as an afterthought on their websites. 
  • Advertisers, usually referred to as vendors, are presented by type and then using geographical search parameters based first upon distance by mileage of up to 150 miles from the origination selection set by the user and then, by other criteria like cost of advertising, number of reviews and/or vendor popularity.
  • Unfortunately for brides and advertisers alike, these proximity search parameters don’t take into account natural geographical features like mountain ranges or bodies of water that throw off the location viability for shopping brides.
  • While vendor popularity and reviews are ways to highlight ‘better’ vendors to the shopping brides, both can be manipulated by the advertising vendors and it throws off the vendors by location listings making the brides search for available resources close to her chosen location confusing and inaccurate.
  • Compounding this, wedding service providers are presented on multiple web pages, and without a consistent accurate portrayal of all, or even most, of the available options for those shopping brides within their preferred locale.
  • The national wedding publications also focus mainly on the high-density population urban areas, ignoring the suburbs and small towns across the country.

We believe the platform design vastly improves the ability to find wedding vendors by location and provides a comprehensive list of available vendors by type for brides looking to compare and buy.

  • We present more vendors to the planning brides in each category giving them a better selection of vendors close to where they are planning their wedding and making it easy for them to compare all of their available options. 
  • We produce regional directories for suburban and rural areas to give opportunities to those local wedding vendors to reach out to more bridal clientele in their immediate areas.
  • One of our secrets to success is arranging all vendors in a category on one web page, so the bridal users only need to scroll to see all the listings for vendors in that category. 
  • For the vendors, they don’t get lost on page 9 of the website they’re paying to be visible on. 
  • We put effort into making the search for vendors easy for our bridal clientele and successful for our advertisers
  • We also present free listings of vendors in most categories, to ensure we offer the most comprehensive list of vendors available to those bridal shoppers to be sure we satisfy their need to research their choices
  • We offer inexpensive advertising options to the smaller vendors with lower profit realization from their wedding bookings to maximize our revenues from the categories with lower potential ROI, newer businesses starting out and non-urban area vendors.

Sources courtesy of:The Wedding,

"What is worth doing at all is worth doing well."

Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield

Our Competitive Advantage

With the use of cutting-edge technology and superior digital marketing solutions we help wedding businesses increase their visibility to the bridal customers they want to reach. Think Yelp directed to a specific market segment, or the AutoTrader for weddings or the Trivago for brides planning to spend $20,000 on their wedding in a year's time. We help put our clients ahead of their competition and help them increase their bottom line at an affordable cost with an impressive ROI. The Global Market for digital and mobile Directory products is expected to exceed $35 billion by the year 2020, driven by a robustly growing mobile market and increasing usage by small and mid-sized businesses. (Statistics courtesy of Global Industry Analytics, Inc.) Our targeted market of the Wedding Industry itself is a $59 billion dollar industry with a projected 2.2 million new brides EVERY year (Statistics courtesy of The Wedding Report) with each bride spending an average of more than $25,000 without including engagement rings and honeymoon expenses. 

Market Strategy - Poised to Expand

Our network of websites consists of 56 Directories covering 21 States to date

Your Local Wedding is the culmination of many years of research and industry related experience. Brides view our local wedding directories as a compilation of factual data about local wedding service providers.  Our directories are completely free for the bridal customers to use, to attract and direct more brides to our advertising clientele. We offer brides planning small weddings or luxurious extravaganzas, casual gatherings or formal affairs, from the traditional to the trendy, the largest selection of wedding service providers all on one website.

Why these initial markets?

  • Favorable Demographics
  • Higher per capita incomes
  • High percentage of college-educated 25-34 year olds
  • Traditionally higher wedding spends
  • Very few local competitors
  • Secondary markets for national competition

Key Strategic Objectives

  • Add value through strategic growth of revenues in current markets
  • Develop 8 additional regional directory coverage areas in markets with highest expected returns
  • Create increased value through continued innovative offerings and further technological development.
  •  Maintain strong balance sheet and financial flexibility.

Source courtesy of:  IBIS World, The Wedding

Our Plans for National Expansion

Our Plan of Action

  • Add 8 new regions to expand across the country
  • Add strategic marketing to build brand name familiarity
  • Increase product awareness for vendors and brides
  • Build and train a professional sales staff
  • Research and develop further site enhancements to encourage repeat customers 
  • Increase distribution channels to maximize market share. 

We are prepared to make a steady, progressive entry to the national arena adding 8 new regions, for a total of 12 regions across the United States, over the next 18-24 months. Our initial four regions have begun to build brand name recognition and familiarity and initial sales revenues. They will begin to build profitability as we expand into new market areas with more directories, helping to offset costs of expansion.

Market Projections & Forecasts  

We currently have four regions live and active and ready for initial sales canvassing, with plans to continue to add an additional eight regions to cover the entire US over the next 18-24 months. Our carefully planned strategy allows us to build in stages, getting some regions producing revenues while we continue to add new regions and areas. Using a conservative estimate of a 2% market penetration of an estimated 250,000 complimentary listings at an approximate average of $500 per conversion we anticipate generating approximately $1.5 million in annual revenues by our third year of publication and be generating profits. (Statistics courtesy of Global Industry Analytics, Inc.)

Anticipated Revenue Projections  

With an average projected increase in market penetration of 2% annually and an average yield per conversion of approximately $500 each, we anticipate our revenues to be $1.5 million by 2020 and continue to increase significantly over subsequent years. Profitability will increase as we mature while our cost per customer generated will drop and our yield per customer increase. 

As our Regional Directories become more well-known and gain market acceptance, we will continue to and have begun to convert the complimentary listings to paid listings, charging a minimal fee to appear listed on our site.  Thereafter, with what we believe could be an industry projected average renewal rate of up to 33%, those market penetration numbers could grow at more than a 10% rate per year consistently with a subsequent proportionate increase in profitability.  Using the statistics from the former Telephone Company directories as well as statistics for newer online, digital directories, we anticipate our market penetration to reach upwards of 16% by year six.  Statistics courtesy of Global Industry Analytics Inc

How We Plan to Use Funds

To travel the road to our success our primary use of proceeds from this raise will be to market our brands to brides planning weddings at scale, establish ourselves as a force in the marketplace, increase our visibility and build brand name familiarity. We have plans in place to engage in a strategic marketing program via concentrated Search Engine paid inclusion, demographically targeted Social Media advertising, repetitive direct mail and email campaigns, bridal show participation and industry related print bridal magazines.  As we attract and gain the usage of our bridal shoppers, we also attract the wedding merchants looking to connect with those shopping brides. We also plan to hire high-quality team members as well as make our system more and more attractive to brides planning weddings. 

Robust Marketing

Extensive advertising for our brand and websites is a key to our success. We not only sell advertising, we believe in its value. We anticipate 35% of this fundraise will go towards promoting our brands and websites to our potential bridal users and to the wedding vendors we plan to solicit for advertising sales. 

Hire Sales Talent

To build lasting successful relationships with our advertiser base, we need well trained, competent, motivated sales executives to get our message to our potential customers, with style and grace. We anticipate spending 35% of this fundraise to build our sales force and begin canvassing our market. 

Added Features

We will continue to enhance our websites by adding relevant new features to entice our bridal customers to return and use our site for their wedding planning needs. One of our primary goals is to drive traffic to our vendor's websites, and to do that we need those planning brides to find us irresistible! 

What We Have Achieved So Far is currently live and online operating in four geographic specific regions servicing 21 states, with 56 locally focused directories designed to cover established typical shopping patterns in each of their unique areas. Our directory concept is quickly becoming a favorite with brides and vendors alike! We're easy to use, uncomplicated and focus on connecting brides with the vendors they seek in their local area. 

These first regions are being used to introduce the publication, begin the branding process and get priority placement in the search engines as well as test the marketplace and websites. We are using these initial sites for testing both the features and enhancements for receptiveness in the market, but also for usage by the various company employees to assist in functions like selling advertising options and monitoring employees, tracking accounts, and tracking sales and renewals. Our websites have their own custom designed CRM  applications; these tools allow employees to manage customer contacts and advertising additions, and our internal processes monitor employee work efforts, allowing managers to keep a distributed workforce focused. Testing is complete. We are now ready to begin to bring on the other regions across the country, train and manage a sales force and begin our sales canvases in our market areas. 

Four Geographic Regions - 56 Local Directory Websites

We are proud of what we have achieved to date, and this success is due in no small part to an expert and highly motivated team.

  • Successfully built, populated and tested the alpha & beta versions of our website(s) in four regions

  • Deployed 56 dynamic local directory websites covering 21 states populated  with 115,000 business listings

  • Integrated our custom Administrative area of the website in preparation for monitoring and managing employees work efforts

  • Designed our CMS application allowing for multiple levels of account access - for advertising customers, employees, and management

  • Strategic marketing plan and research enacted

  • Initiated search engine optimization and marketing to build our visibility in the search engines both organically and through paid promotions

  • Branding efforts well started. 

  • Successfully launched our Informational Blog and Social Media sites

  • Initial sales efforts generating $45k to date. 

Our Brands is currently live and online operating in four geographic specific regions servicing 21 states, with 56 locally focused directories designed to cover established typical shopping patterns in their unique area. Our directory concept is quickly becoming a favorite with brides and vendors alike.

How Our Directory Works

With many options of how to appear on our site, we are a more useful search tool connecting all the merchants in any specific area, all the relevant local listings on one page by merchant type, our wedding merchant customers are just two clicks or 'taps' for planning brides from our front page to that specific business website and contact information. 

Part of our direct sales model gives us an unmatched ability to attract small business sales and generate revenues from outlying, rural and suburban areas; businesses that are not typically able to advertise with or approached by our competition without increasing our costs broadening our vertical market and increasing both our overall revenues and our customer base. This also allows us to realize more revenues sooner as we wait for the larger advertisers budgets to allow our inclusion in their marketing mix. One way to put it is, our competitors have left room at the bottom and we're not too proud to run with it. 

We are an enthusiastic, motivated management team responsive to changing market dynamics with the ability to source and structure unique opportunities within the wedding industry marketplace using rigorous analysis and driven by overall returns. 

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