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A Quantum Leap of Success for Small Businesses

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Full Partner, LLC has developed and sold over $7 million worth of online business services to the small business market since its founding in 2001. Using a Software as a Service (SAAS) model, Full Partner’s customers pay a monthly subscription fee to access a powerful, integrated suite of cloud-based services, including:

  • Websites, Blogs and Surveys
  • Ecommerce
  • Marketing Automation
  • Membership System
  • Learning Management System for Online Courses
  • Events Registration
  • Affiliate Management
  • Email Broadcasting
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

In addition, the Full Partner Total Web System magnifies the power of each of its services by building them on a single all-in-one database. All Contacts, Customers, Leads, Event Registrants, Students, Affiliates, Subscribers, and Members are stored in one place, so they can be shared across each service without having to import and export data between disconnected systems. When all the pieces come together to form a whole system, it can power something much greater and the power of the system expands exponentially.

The Opportunity

You might imagine with all this power and functionality, the Full Partner Total Web System would be very expensive.  In the past, Full Partner customers paid hundreds of dollars a month in monthly subscription fees to use the Total Web System. Two years ago, in 2016, the owners of Full Partner decided to take the company in a new, aggressive market direction.  We set out on a development process that would radically lower our costs so that we could lower our prices to the customer.  

We simplified the user interface so customers required less support to use the system, including a new do-it-yourself, drag and drop version of our website builder that anyone can use to create great websites. We developed online tutorials that are offered through our LMS service to train customers in the advanced features of the system and help them be self-sufficient.  We designed a new server farm system using the Amazon AWS platform to substantially lower our server costs. This is all available in our new Version 7 of the Total Web System, which is now in production and available for purchase at FullPartner.com.

Version 7 of the Total Web System allows us to remove price as an obstacle for customers so they can give our Total Web System a try and see how powerful it is for their business. In our experience, lower pricing attracts many new customers, and once they try it, customers tend to stay customers, offering the potential for rapid, even viral growth for the company. 

Full Partner now has the foundation to be able to offer a:

  1.  FREE limited version of the system, with a website, CRM, Email Broadcasting, Blogs, Surveys, and more...
  2. $9 per month version with no ads and your own website domain.
  3. $49 per month version adding ecommerce and event registration.
  4. $89 per month premium version with all services included.  

There will also be prices similar to those charged by email broadcast services for larger contact list sizes. In our industry, this "freemium" model of offering free versions of the product can attract a large number of customers, with many successful companies in the industry seeing a substantial percentage of free customers upgrading to paid levels. The free version can serve as a powerful lead generator with less marketing expense required. (a)

a. Source

The Need

We believe that there’s a growing recognition in the small business marketplace that businesses need the types of services offered by Full Partner in order to remain competitive in their respective industries.  Acquiring these services usually means contracting with multiple vendors, each with different and incompatible user interfaces and data storage methods.  Even if they succeed in putting these services in place in their business, they find (b):

  • They can’t easily access their critical business information.  It’s spread across multiple platforms and is often out of date. 
  • They can’t easily manage their website and email content and must hire expensive web developers on an ongoing basis to help them.
  • Marketing projects are unnecessarily complicated to execute, often requiring pricey marketing professionals and programmers. Potentially profitable marketing efforts may never be undertaken because of the upfront cost and time required.
  • Their costs are higher as they pay retail prices for half a dozen or more vendor services, as well as paying their staff or outside professionals for numerous hours to synchronize the data in the different services and figure out how to get all of it to work together for their business goals.

b. Source

Use of Funds

We expect that Full Partner's new version of it system, combined with efforts to lower our costs and, therefore, our prices could result in a substantial increase in new customers. The funds being raised in this offer will be used to make sure we are in a position to handle these new customers. Use of funds will include:

  • Enhanced server systems using Amazon's AWS global hosting system. This will provide the fastest performance at the lowest cost to us, while being able to scale up in volume quickly as needed.
  • Improved customer training programs using our own built-in Learning Management System. This will add a variety of new online courses on how to best take advantage of the power in the Full Partner Total Web System. This will also lower our customer support costs as we can offload much of our phone support to these courses.
  • Hiring additional customer support staff to provide the best experience for new and existing customers, while enhancing Full Partner's reputation as a vendor. This staff will provide technical support as well as engage in website development, training and consulting paid services.
  • Hiring additional programming staff to continue to improve the ease of use for customers as they begin to use the system and develop better business practices for their enterprises.
  • Marketing Campaign to introduce Full Partner's free and low cost versions of the Total Web System to the market. This will leverage social media and existing networks of website developers and consultants to reach the largest number of prospects at the lowest price.

Full Partner is leveraging its many years in development of competitive online business services, its unique integration and all-in-one database, together with its new attractive easy-to-use interface and aggressive low pricing, to reach the goal of high growth and corporate valuation realized by many other vendors in this industry.

The Offering

$2.38/ Class B Common Unit

$5.2 Million Post-money Valuation


$500 — If you invest $500, you will receive a free Full Partner t-shirt or polo shirt

$1,000 — If you invest $1,000, you will receive a year of free Total Web System service at the $29 per month level

$5,000 - If you invest $5,000, you will receive a year of free total Web System service at the $89 per month level

*All perks occur after the offer is completed.

For details on the bonus, please see the Offering Summary below.

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."


What We Have Accomplished So Far

Since its founding, Full Partner has used a unique business model to fund the development of the broad range of services that it now offers. Full Partner would offer to immediately develop new features to its production system at a customer's request, following their detailed specifications, provided that the customer funded the majority of the development costs. In return for the rapid delivery, Full Partner retained all intellectual and ownership rights to the software developed.  

Full Partner would then invest enough funds and effort to make the features available to all of its customers. Using this "co-op" model, customers got what they wanted right away at a reasonable price, while Full Partner was able to develop a wide spectrum of reliable and mature system features with minimal use of its own funds.  

While we believe that other companies have faced the challenge of high turnover and rapid loss of customers due to their limited functionality and lack of integration, the extensive features of Full Partner’s Total Web System have provided a lower turnover rate in our experience. We also expect that our average monthly revenue per customer should be higher than is common in the industry as customers upgrade to Full Partner’s premium offers. We believe this will accelerate the growth in cash flow and reduce the need for future funding and subsequent investor dilution.

Full Partner's 17 years of service to its customers has given us a deep understanding of their "real" needs, not just the needs that a vendor imagines they want. We have analyzed hundreds of businesses and used that knowledge to craft a synergistic set of services that provides a great customer experience. Elements of this work have included:

  • How to build a single, seamless user interface that works the same across very different areas of functionality - such as CRM, events registration, website development, and email broadcasting - instead of having to learn different user interfaces from many vendors.
  • How to help clients take advantage of a wide range of services that they have not had the opportunity to use before to grow their business.
  • How to build software and server systems with high performance and efficiency while handling the demands of a variety of different services and database loads.  And we are ready to scale this up!

Our Products and Services

The first thing any business needs for a strong online presence is a good website. Full Partner's Website Designer makes it easy for anyone to create a beautiful, professional, feature-rich website, without programming or hiring expensive web developers. Start with one of our growing library of Website Templates to have a site up and running quickly. Add pages and turn on the features you want:  lead pages, blogs, video, a shopping cart, an event calendar, a members directory, surveys and much more. Edit your content and add images just by clicking right in the website itself. Change colors, fonts and styles. Drag content from one point in the page to another to get the look you really want.  Drop in products and special offers.

There's no limit to the number of pages our customers can create on a website, and they can have multiple websites in one Full Partner Account, all using the same all-in-one database. Many "faces" of their business can be presented to the public with one unified database for the company's information.

Full Partner's Events Management System is another example of the benefits of using an all-in-one database for storing event information. 

The Full Partner system offers Events Registration services on each client's website, with event calendars and integration with the ecommerce system to take registration payments.  

Clients can also add an Appointment Scheduler to their website. Using an internal calendar facility designed to look and feel like Google Calendar, clients can indicate their availability for appointments for coaching or other one-to-one activities. Customers can select and schedule appointments, even paying for them immediately, because each appointment is actually an event that can work with the ecommerce system. All types of events - public or appointments - can appear on the same internal calendar and website calendars as needed.

Full Partner's Learning Management System service is included in our Total Web System and only requires placing a widget on a single page of the website. Our customers have used the LMS to create hundreds of courses that generate substantial income. Its features include:

  • Unlimited modules with text, audio, video, and document content. Students navigate easily by clicking a Next button from page to page.
  • Test modules for quizzes, surveys, feedback forms, and complete course exams.  Tests can be automatically graded by the system.
  • Internal messaging system between students, teachers, and other students, as well as discussion boards for general conversations.

The LMS is an example of a service developed at the request of our customers, and we have been pleased at how often our clients use it: marketing through online courses about their business, training courses for their staff and customers on their products and services, offering their expertise with educational courses that build their reputation and generate inbound marketing through attraction.

We believe that Full Partner's all-in-one database gives its Contact Manager (CRM) capabilities beyond anything else in the market today. In the Full Partner Account Manager, our customers can view and work with each Contact record, and instead of just seeing the name and address, they can view:

  • The orders that have been placed and products purchased.
  • Events registrations and appointments scheduled.
  • Notes the staff has made about the contact.
  • Email broadcasts that have been sent.
  • Subscription lists they have subscribed to.
  • Marketing campaigns they are part of.
  • Surveys and lead page forms they have completed, and more...

Imagine getting a call from a customer, clicking to their Contact record, and having all their information available while you speak to them.  Customer support will never be the same!

Full Partner's marketing tools provide advanced services to small businesses for marketing, messaging, lead generation, and sales growth.  

  • Email Broadcasting provides existing templates that match our website templates for consistent branding.
  • Marketing Automation allows a client to automate many repetitive steps in marketing campaigns:  send out drip campaigns when a form is filled out, notify sales staff when to follow up, offer discounts on products automatically based on previous purchases.  Actions taken in all the services of the Total Web System can trigger a variety of automatic marketing actions. 
  • Affiliate Management makes it easy to commission third party affiliates who refer business.  The integration of the website with our ecommerce system allows for consistent payments and follow up.

Our Market and Industry

Full Partner has very successful competitors in every individual area of functionality provided by the Full Partner Total Web System. They have thriving business models in rapidly expanding markets, as indicated by their strong annual sales (1-6). However, we believe none offer a truly all-in-one solution. Full Partner can compete with each company on their most popular comparable features and products. The competitor sales figures listed here are not being presented as a specific projection of Full Partner's future annual revenue, and rather as an indicator of the potential in the markets.

Full Partner serves the Internet Hosting Services industrywhich is predicted to reach $18.6 billion dollars worldwide in 2018 and $22 billion dollars worldwide in 2020.  Here in the United States, growth is driven by these facts:

By these numbers, we can project that 6.3 million new business websites may need to be built just in the next few months. As we believe almost 9 out of 10 of them will be built by small business' own staff members, not outside experts, the demand for simple, DIY website builders is clear.

But because we believe the real needs of small businesses extend beyond simple websites to include database management, ecommerce, email communications, etc., we also believe that there is a great demand for inclusive, all-in-one services. The Full Partner Total Web System fills this market gap and brings this opportunity.

Source for graph: https://www.statista.com/statistics/500554/worldwide-shared-hosting-market-size/

Invest in Full Partner

Investing in Full Partner is a compelling opportunity because of its strong potential for growth. It offers a unique set of services and functionality that have required years to develop. It would be challenging for competitors to replicate this model without years of effort on their part. 

In the United States alone, the combined market for the various services Full Partner provides is enormous:  

...just to name a few. If Full Partner only competed in one of these markets, the potential would be substantial. However, Full Partner’s wide range of integrated services, ease of use, all-in-one database, and low price model give it a unique value proposition with the potential for very strong growth and returns.  

“For 17 years, Full Partner has been my passion and my life’s work.  My mission has been to empower small businesses with the tools, services, and intelligent integration of information that could truly transform how they do business and how much success they can realize. This fundraising represents the culmination of years of work and hopefully is the launch of Full Partner towards being a mass market success story.  Please join us on this ride!”

Scott Hickey 

Founder and CEO, Full Partner, LLC

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