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Real Wood Magnetic Garage Door Overlays
$145,322 Raised
Ended January 2nd
195 Investors

GarageSkins - Welcome Home!

Invest in GarageSkins

In November, we successfully completed a $100,000 raise on StartEngine. That raise was amazing, and now we're seeking to raise an additional $435,000. With the proceeds from this new campaign, we anticipate being able to begin manufacturing our amazing GarageSkins systems and launch them into the home improvement marketplace. 

We hope that you'll join us in this latest fundraising round!

"You are going to change the garage door industry!" - Dan Hughes, QVC's Home Improvement Host

Dan's right.  GarageSkins real wood garage door overlays are a simple, elegant solution to a long-standing problem:  How to make a plain metal garage door look amazing without breaking the bank.  With our easy installation and long-lasting materials and finishes, we expect GarageSkins overlays to make purchasing a high-end real wood door obsolete and give millions of homeowners throughout America an easy and affordable way to dramatically improve their existing home.

"We love it!"  - John and Akos, My Cool Inventions

So do we, guys.  And so do over 2500 families who have signed up to be the first on their block to show off their new GarageSkins systems.  Let the other guy buy his Mercedes ... your GarageSkins system will continue to beautify your home and be the talk of the neighborhood for years to come!

"Come to Louisiana and put one on my home!" - Michael King, 

syndicated home improvement radio show

Will do, Michael ... with the help and support of the millions of homeowners that now have the opportunity to invest in this product, we expect to soon be selling thousands of systems across America.

"How can I get in?"  - Kim Neufeld, Colorado Springs, CO

Through the newly released SEC Title III rules, now anyone can invest! We have accomplished all the legal tasks necessary and have lots of information for you to review.  And we're always just an email away should you have any questions. 

Read about our amazing GarageSkins overlays!!  Then decide if you want to help launch what we believe is a disruptive product, or shake your head in frustration when your neighbor installs their new GarageSkins system.

The Offering


  • Selling up to 1,144,736 shares of non-voting common stock at $0.38 per share.  
  • Minimum investment is $323 (850 shares)
  • Maximum investment is $107,000
  • When you invest you are betting the company’s future value will exceed $3,400,000


As a Thank You for investing larger amounts, the first 10 investors who invest $2,500 or more will receive a no-cost GarageSkins system, including free shipping and hardware!

Edit: This offer is no longer valid, as the first 10 investors have already invested.

All investors who invest $1,000 or more will receive free shipping and a free set of hardware if and when you choose to purchase a GarageSkins overlay system.

*All perks fulfilled after the campaign closes and GarageSkins, Inc. has begun production.

Mission Statement:  

GarageSkins, Inc. will manufacture and sell only the highest quality home improvement goods in a safe, clean atmosphere that encourages diversity, accountability, equality and open communication while ensuring strong profitability.  We will provide the highest service standards in our every interaction with end customers, suppliers, retail partners and fellow team members.

Check Out How Easy It Is!

What Are GarageSkins Overlays?

A simple, ingenious solution to beautify your home.

According to, we spend billions of dollars every year making the exterior of our homes warm and inviting, adding stunning landscaping, patio furniture, even outdoor kitchens.  But every day we walk right by the largest and a lot of the times most unattractive part of our homes ... that big, boring metal garage door.  

But there's an answer.  Simply snap on our real wood GarageSkins garage door overlays to turn that boring garage door into a work of art that will be the talk of the neighborhood!   Our GarageSkins overlays reproduce the look of a real wood garage door.  Once installed, we don't expect you or your neighbor to be able to tell that you haven't installed a real wood $10,000 door!  Our panels are lightweight enough to ensure that your garage door springs and opener will handle the extra weight, and simple enough to install that almost anyone can do it.  And at $1,199 for a 2-car garage system, it's an affordable enhancement to your beautiful home.

In just under an hour you can completely and dramatically enhance the curb appeal of your home.  Simply snap the panels onto your garage door in the order they are packed and watch your creation come to life!  Check out the video above to see Amanda install a GarageSkins system for the first time ever.  It's easy and intuitive ... and you will enjoy the beauty of your new GarageSkins system for years to come.

Designed to Enhance Almost Any Home

Our Secret Sauce

Real wood veneers make all the difference.  You can touch our GarageSkins overlays, run your hand over them, and you'd swear it was solid, dimensional wood.  Why?  Because it is real wood.  Even though it is only a fraction of a millimeter thick, it still looks and feels like a solid piece of lumber.

We vat-dye our veneer to mimic a variety of species.  Dyeing ensures that the color penetrates all the way through the veneer so that if there is a scratch or slight bump down the road, the color will be stable throughout.  It also allows us to mimic any wood color and species we choose!

Neodymium magnets (also called "rare-earth") provide an amazing amount of force holding your GarageSkins overlays solidly onto your metal garage door.  They are even strong enough to reach through aluminum cladding and attach to the steel stretchers underneath.  The result?  Easy installation and permanent, dynamic adhesion.

A Truly Disruptive Product

INDUSTRY DISRUPTION - When a new idea is introduced to an industry and current, static companies and models are made obsolete.  

Envision builders, remodelers and garage door installers, instead of recommending a high-dollar real wood or wood overlaid garage door to their clients, installing a basic steel door and allowing the homeowner to choose from a variety of colors, patterns, even whether they want to add a window look.  And in a few years when fashions change, allowing the homeowner to simply replace their GarageSkins system with a fresh look.  

Think the garage door industry might take notice?

Now envision being part of that disruption as a ground floor investor.  Not many people outside the professional investment world ever get the chance to participate in a truly disruptive company, but your chance has come.   Join the team!

We Know Where We're Headed


  • US utility patent issued protecting our real wood garage overlays systems
  • Expanded utility patent issued protecting the non-wood, paintable versions
  • Over 2,500 eager potential customers waiting for our launch (that's over $3,000,000 in initial revenue at full conversion!)
  • Contact from several home improvement television shows wanting to do a product feature once we are launched
  • Manufacturing site identified with below market rates and adequacy for first 2 years of operations
  • GREAT TEAM committed and ready to spring into action once we have our funding secured

Our Competition

 The garage door.  Almost everyone's got one, most ignore it ... it's just there.  Over the years there have been some attempts in the marketplace to provide solutions to enhancing this boring large chunk of metal that stands so prominently on the front of millions of American homes.  

Real Wood Garage Door

$8,500 and up installed

Beautiful.  And expensive!  And what they don't tell you is that in a couple of years the end grain will have mold and mildew beginning to intrude, leaving that black fungus look around the edges.  Plus the finish will soon wear off and need to be refreshed.  However, this is the only current option if you want a real-wood look.

Faux Painting

$800 - $1,200 / door

You get what you see.  A painted door.  There are a few artists that can really make a metal door look great, but most can't.  It is, however, a better look than just boring paint. 

Screw-on Vinyl Windows

$200 / 2-car garage door

At least it's something, right?  And they are paintable so that you can match the trim of your home.  But you have to drill screws into your metal garage door.  Not great.  And the acrylic "windows" scratch easily and lose their shine over time.

Screw-on Faux Hardware

$50 at The Home Depot

A quick, screw-on dress-up that's better than nothing!

So if you want your garage door to look like the $10,000 door, but don't want the maintenance or cost, let alone contributing your old garage door to the waste stream for no good reason, then a GarageSkins real wood garage door overlay system is your best choice.  Nothing else looks like real wood, because nothing is.  Period.  

Why Invest in GarageSkins?

  • We believe there is no other system like it.
  • Patent protection may keep it that way.
  • Real wood veneer, not cheap-looking plastic.
  • Compatible with over 16,000,000 steel overhead doors**
  • So lightweight anyone can install it themselves
  • No alteration needed to your garage door's hardware or opener
  • Over 2,500 ready buyers waiting at $1,199 per 2-car system
  • Marketing partners lining up
  • Manufacturing expertise on board
  • Future products will expand our company
  • A strong team assembled that is wholly committed to success
  • Average age of our successful leadership team is 50 - we know what it takes because we've been there and done that.


Home Improvement Sector Exploding

A Growing Marketplace

We wanted to know just how large the market is for our GarageSkins real wood garage door overlay systems, so we commissioned the Oregon Manufacturers Extension Partnership to perform a survey to determine how many steel overhead garage doors there are in the US.

Here's what they found:

  • 97,000,000 single family homes in America and thousands more built every day
  • 61,000,000 have garage doors
  • 31,000,000 of those garage doors are steel overhead sectional doors
  • Our GarageSkins garage door overlays are compatible with over 16,000,000 of these**




Performance and Projections

-Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership study Feb 2015


Let's be clear - when you choose to partner with GarageSkins, Inc., you aren't pre-purchasing a product.  You are buying stock in GarageSkins, Inc. and will be a willing participant in our success or failure.  But know that our team is wholly committed to nurturing your investment and turning your "seed" into a national company.. one in which you will be proud to tell your friends and family that you saw the early vision and took the risk.

Thank you for partnering with GarageSkins, Inc.

We are excited that you want to be an important part of our team and that you have chosen to take the chance on us!  Please know that we have committed our lives to making GarageSkins, Inc. an incredible, meaningful, profitable company that will continue to grow and thrive for years to come.

In the Press

GarageSkins Give You a Wood Look without the Cost
January 1, 2015

Street facing metal garage doors are a tough design problem to overcome. But Rick Medlen of Creswell, OR who invented GarageSkins has the answer. This product will allow any homeowner with a standard metal overhead garage door to add the look of a real wood carriage house door in under an hour and for less than $1000.00

May 9, 2014

Millions of people own nice, modern homes. But no matter how big or small they are, and no matter how simple or elaborate their architecture may be, the vast majority of these homes have the same basic stamped-metal garage doors on them.

Garage Skins Can Change Your Garage Doors Forever
May 27, 2015

Rick Medlen talks with the Carey Brothers about how Garage Skins are indistinguishable from a solid-wood $10,000 garage door.

The Pitch: Giving your garage a facelift with magnets
March 20, 2015

There are a lot of ways to spruce up the appearance of a house. Updating a tired garage door with a designer one is one sure way to boost curb appeal — and put a dent in the home improvement budget.

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