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Founded in Santa Monica, California, Gigvines is the only true on-demand booking platform for live music. We are web and app based. Gigvines' revenue comes from a percentage of each booking. Live music is our passion. Gigvines makes live music accessible and easy.

Gigvine's marketplace works in two ways. Bands can sign up to book gigs, or host/venues can sign up to hire bands. Gigvines offers immediate booking between bands (solo musicians or larger bands) and hosts/venues (restaurants, clubs, hotels, bars, homeowners, event managers etc.) 

Based on complete electronic press kits (EPKs), which include band videos, hourly rate, location, genre, audio, reviews, and description, hosts/venues can book immediately. Once booked, contact information is exchanged and monies are placed in escrow until one day after the gig is completed. They're then seamlessly released via the band's preferred payout method.

The Offering

$2 per share of Common Stock│When you invest you are betting the company’s future value will exceed $2M.

For details on the bonus, please see the Offering Summary below.

Music. It motivates us, shares in our sorrows, creates dreams, extends our smiles, and entices our bodies to make uncontrollable movements. The spice of life.

 Jarrod Blake


What You Have Accomplished So Far

With both the app and website completed in 2016 and 2017, the Gigvines' team has switched focus to artist/band on-boarding and user acquisition. We are currently building out a seamless band/host onboarding system, which we do not anticipate occurring until 2019 (we are continuously working on perfecting the onboarding system within the app).

 Our current operations run mainly through developers in El Segundo, California, and Santa Monica, California. Our social media distribution is out of New York. 

We are currently obtaining a user base of hosts/venues that are looking for bands and artists to perform gigs. At our beta stage, we signed up hundreds of bands exclusively in the Los Angeles metro area. With rapid user acquisition proven already, we expect those numbers to rise significantly nationwide. We believe on-demand bookings for live music is the future.

Our Product: Booking Bands On Demand

The platform was designed to be simple, aesthetically pleasing, and easily monetized.

One side shows "Book My Band" and the other "Host Live Music".

The easily navigated homepage is followed by a registration page or login tab for returning users.

Once registered, bands will complete their EPKs (electronic press kits). Once the EPK is completed, they can then be seen by venues/hosts wanting to book bands.

The Convenient Mobile App

Our Advantage

Gigvines, we believe, offers a number of advantages over the competition, including:

  • Market Specific: We are strategically positioned to take market share quickly based on our proprietary platform.
  • On-Demand Booking with a unique escrow and payment solution that allows us to monetize gigs and receive a percentage from each transaction. Based on our research, no other platform offers this proprietary key factor. 
  • Integrated Calendars to streamline booking.
  • Revenue Tracking
  • Band Management feature for promoters and agents 
  • Electronic Press Kits allow bands to market themselves and be booked instantly from an email link or on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms.
  • Easily search and book artists without the hassle of negotiation. The band sets their hourly rates. This streamlined feature is the same concept used at Airbnb, Angie's List, Upwork, Etc.  

Our Market and Industry

Source: On-Demand Economy Spending

Source: Ticket Sales by Year

On-Demand Transaction Business

The on demand and online services industry is growing at a tremendous pace. In 2015 consumers spent $57.6 Billion. Billions are invested in on-demand companies yearly. Companies like GrubHub, Angies List, Amazon, Tidy, Airbnb, Upwork and Uber have been some of the pioneers. 

On Demand Evolution: From Tangible To Service

From the first days of the internet, tangible goods were purchased on demand. Amazon is the world leader in tangible on-demand purchases. 

Today the same model can be seen with services. Think Upwork. Based on hourly rates, description, profile, and expertise, one can hire developers, assistants, designers, marketers, etc. Think Angie's List. One can hire plumbers, electricians, framers, roofers etc. All On Demand. Similarly, Gigvines shares same transactional framework.

Music Industry

We believe the music industry continues to shift toward live performances. With physical and digital record sales in continual decline, live music performance have become a major revenue earner for both musicians and venues.

The Investment

Your investment is in the future of live music being booked online. When first conceptualizing Gigvines, our belief was that all bands will eventually be hired online via algorithms based on reviews, price points, availability, and overall likeability. We noticed the success of platforms like Airbnb and Uber and realized that there was nothing like it for live music. Currently, we believe it takes a ton of effort and difficulty to book live musicians and source talent efficiently. Gigvines is the platform that will solve this problem and deliver live music on-demand.

Today, you have to search through various sites, get quotes, make calls, negotiate, arrange payment, and manage the entire process in order to book bands. This process is old and outdated. Most importantly, it does not secure band payments. One of the most exciting features of Gigvines is our secure escrow payment process called Braintree (recently acquired by Paypal). Our partnership with Braintree ensures that all bookings will be secure. Our proprietary system protects both Venue/Host and Bands.

Gigvines is currently onboarding bands and venues. We've had an overwhelmingly positive response. Major marketing initiatives are being launched shortly. We believe that when Gigvines gains a critical mass of users, we wish to become the standard for booking live musicians and bands.

Disrupting the live music industry is a massive task. We belive that millions of gigs are performed yearly without a central marketplace. Until now. Our current solo musicians and bands hourly rates range from $150 to over $1000. Most bands perform multiple hours. Gigvines' fee for each gig ranges from 5%-20%. 

This is a unique opportunity to become a shareholder of a growing and dynamic company at the intersection of technology and music. Our current goals are continuing to create a product driven by booking efficiency, capturing user acquisition, and hiring the best talent consistent with our dreams.

Invest in the future of live music. Invest in Gigvines.

In the Press

Gigvines, Inc. Launches World's First On-demand Musician Booking Platform
January 1, 2017 is the only on-demand booking site for musicians who want to book gigs and those who want to host live music. Gigvines, Inc. announced its official platform launch today. The California based startup is looking to streamline the process of booking bands.

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