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Gongago acts as a digital concierge for businesses to consumers, businesses to business, and gives its users the chance to save money while paying for the things they already need or want. Need an attorney, dentist, or plumber? Focused on health and wellness? Or just looking for a way to spend a fun-filled afternoon with your friends and family? Gongago has these things and more covered. 

Today there is no shortage of websites that offer a multitude of discounts, offers, and incentives for consumers. Similarly, they give businesses opportunities to get in front of consumers. There is unfortunately a caveat: we believe most of these sites only offer a few specific features and as a result most people end up having multiple memberships (on different sites) and hop between them to have all of their needs met. 

What if there was a single site that gave everyone--both consumers and businesses--exactly what they needed to operate and co-exist with optimum efficiency?

Gongago is ideal for those who want to find entertainment, try new restaurants, go shopping, hire remote online service providers, or just shop online. Users have the opportunity to write reviews, receive exclusive discounts, sell their own products, attend exclusive events, and participate in their local community. Giving users a plethora of options to make their busy, on-the-go lives easier is what Gongago is all about.

Gongago is poised to be the next major disrupting force in online advertising and has the vision necessary to take the industry by storm. Gongago caters to small and mid-sized local and online businesses, connecting them to the ever-increasing mobile generation. 

Your investment will help kick up our marketing efforts to increase brand awareness and ensure that we are more widely known, and can positively impact even more consumers and businesses.

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