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Matchmaking is an effective tool for personal relationships helping clients find their potential perfect mate. KISS Innovations has created a matchmaking application to help millennials potentially find their ideal career match. Millennials are the dominant demographic in the workforce at 38% and is on track for up to 75% by 2025. (Gallup)  Millennial turnover from engagement alone costs the US economy roughly $30.5 billion a year. (Gallup)

KISS Innovations is in development of walfly, a career matchmaking network designed to provide insight to employers and job candidates to foster better employment decisions. Its matchmaking algorithm is created to help businesses reduce high turnover rates by matching jobseeker career interests with employer staffing needs. 

The industries we are participating in are, the 135 billion annually Internet Publishing Industry, (Hoover's Internet Publishing Industry Report) and the 350 billion annually Staffing Services Industry. (Hoover's Staffing Industry Report) The staffing services industry is fragmented, with low barriers to entry. In the US, the 50 largest companies generate a little less than half of industry revenue. (Hoover's Staffing Services Industry Report) The platform's matchmaking algorithm is created with the intent to provide a competitive edge unlike any of its predecessors. 

KISS Innovations is a Florida Company led by Don Jones and David McCullar. Their intimate knowledge of the hiring process led to creation of walfly.

The Company has aggressive financial goals influenced by industry, market, and unique product offering. The Company is seeking a $100,000 dollar investment for 500,000 shares of Common Stock.  

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