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No Limit Games creates one-of-a-kind video and board games that each have their own unique qualities that separate them from other games in the same genre. We aim to create games that also break the limits that are found in many games. Where other companies say they can’t, we say watch us!

Some of our games will allow you to play against other people on different systems including people on computers. Our games are not just copies of other games; they are each one-of-a-kind games with features that are not found in any other game in their same genre. 

Our tabletop game isn’t about how much money you spend on your deck, but how good you are at building a deck. This levels the playing field and brings back some fun to new players getting into the game.

The Offering


$357/share of Common Stock│When you invest you are betting the company’s future value will exceed $168K.

For details on the bonus, please see the Offering Summary below.

Our Products

We have two projects that are in development. The first is a fighting game called Vengeance. Currently, it is shelved until we have the capital needed to move forward with development.The second is a tabletop card battle game called Battle of Souls. This game is completed and currently on KickStarter attempting to get funded so that we can obtain inventory and move to distribution.

Battle of Souls

Battle of Souls is a card game where there are no booster packs, starter decks, or randomization. It’s a game that relies on a player's deck-building skills rather then how much money they're able to spend on their decks.

Battle of Souls allows players to battle using historic warriors. Some of the large list of warriors include Samurai, Viking, and Aztec warriors.

"Any warrior group that has ever existed from the beginning of time, to the gun powder age. If we can find information on them, then we'll add them to the game."

William Brevard III

Battle of Souls: Key Features

  • No banlist
  • No randomization
  • No rarity
  • No pre-constructed decks, or starter decks
  • Each player that obtains a set box will have the exact same cards to build their decks from; This makes the game all about deck building as opposed to money
  • No “pay to win” mechanic


Vengeance features a fighting system that is based in real world martial arts. Not MMA, no projectiles or magic, just pure skill combat as close to the real-world form as possible. 

Vengeance: Key Features

  • 10 story-rich characters
  • 15 different real-world martial art styles
  • Combo master system to teach players deadly combos
  • Fighting styles that are as authentic and as close to the real world style as possible.

Our Market and Industry

Some competitors have booster packs, starter decks and pre-constructed decks that they sell. They release new sets and cards several times a year but also a new banlist during each quarter.

Our game, Battle of Souls, has no starter decks, no preconstructed decks, or booster packs. 

Instead, we will provide the players a set box. The set box contains every card for the specific warrior group they obtain. So as an example, if a player gets a Samurai box, they have every Samurai card in the game in that one box.  We believe that there is no need to turn to the singles market online to purchase cards at an inflated cost.

In this initial starting phase of No Limit Games, getting involved allows you to grow with us as we reach our milestone goal of becoming a full-on and recognized game developer. From there we wish to continue to grow and continue to produce one-of-a-kind games that push and at times break the boundaries of what a game can do. Eventually we wish to reach that AAA-developer status in the industry, and those that start with us at our young state will have the opportunity to benefit alongside the company.

The video game market is expected to accrue to about $90.1 billion by 2020, which is a 14.6% raise from its figures in 2017 of about $78.6 billion. The three largest gaming markets are China, Japan, and the US. In 2016, there was an accumulated total of $30.3 billion in game deals with 94% attributed to mergers and acquisitions.

There are several types of gamers, each is essentially a different market.

These types are, Hardcore, Casual, and Mass Market. The market that No Limit Games will be focusing on for our video game products will be the hard core gamers, and casual gamers. The market share for the hardcore gamers is about 70-80% of the total sales in the industry with another 15-25% attributed to the casual gamer.

What Makes Our Team Special

We have a great team of people that up to now have been very focused on the development of our games. We have a character artist that is an amazing artist, and 3D modelers that have put together some very impressive work.

Our team consists of talented individuals, each with their own specialty.

It's led by William Brevard (blue shirt on left). He has a strong business mind and strives for perfection in all that he sets his mind to. He is the original founder of No Limit Games and continues to learn as he gains more experience on the business side of the game industry. He has been involved with games (non-professionally) for the past 30 years.

One of his best friends, and partner who helped start No Limit Games; Kevin Loza (black shirt) is instrumental in keeping the team on task. He has several years of customer service and team management experience in the retail sector which he brings with him to the company. He is able to speak to the team members in a way that makes them more comfortable coming to him when needed. He attended Art Institute along with William and Alicia taking courses in game programming.

Our lead artist, Alicia Roberts (yellow shirt) is a great artist. She currently holds a BS degree in game art and character design. She has proven her skills in art and design as can be seen with our table top game Battle of Souls.

Rafael Luna (black-and-white checkered shirt) was very useful in the creation of Battle of Souls. He doesn't have the experience in design and art, however he has great story telling ability and this was useful when creating our characters for Vengeance and Battle of Souls.

Invest in Our Company Today!

We believe almost every person that started off small and became big can pretty much tell the same thing. Someone gave them a chance, and they took that chance to prove themselves. Some may have failed that chance, while many others have succeeded.

We are looking for that one investor or several to take a chance on us and give us that chance to prove ourselves. With that chance, we will prove not only that we are worthy, but that we can excel. 

No Limit Games' team is focused on making this company great. But not only that; we want to bring back a taste of originality to the game industry.

Our products will each have features that other games do not have. 

As the company continues to grow so will our library of unique games. We believe that our games will have an everlasting changing effect on the industry which could help the selection of games on the market to also provide higher quality content for its players.

In the Press

TABLETOP REVIEWS Battle of Souls mini review — Magic dance
June 27, 2018

Battle of Souls is effectively a competitive Limited Card Game (or LCG) in the style of the various similar series produced by Fantasy Flight Games. I say that because Battle of Souls will be released in sets (I’m reviewing the Samurai Set) one or two at a time, with the cards in each set being full

June 4, 2018

May 29th, Los Angeles, CA – Battle of Souls is an action-packed card battle game that combines what is great about the deck-building genre without being locked into starter decks or randomized booster packs. Why should collectors that can afford better cards dominate games?

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