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Decisions Powered by Actionable Insights
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Decisions Powered by Actionable Insights

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Sentigraph empowers people and companies to make better decisions through complex tone analysis that’s aided by machine learning. We'll begin with Twitter hashtags, but we anticipate Sentigraph will also be available to perform nuanced analysis of complex emotional information as well.

That might sound complicated, but it's actually something that you already do. When you read something, your brain does complex tone analysis by taking text-based information and scanning it for content, context, and emotion. 

Sentigraph does the exact same thing, taking content and then scanning it for context and emotion. What makes Sentigraph so special is that it is capable of doing so on an incredibly large scale, providing rich insights.

Sentigraph uses a powerful algorithm to score content on a scale of 0-3 (0 being best, 3 being worst) based on its emotional context. The algorithm measures and accounts for cues alluding to five key emotions: Joy, Fear, Anger, Sadness, and Disgust. 

Depending on that context, a score is produced for each piece of content. Sentigraph then produces a visual aid representing the content's emotional appeal over time or at a particular moment. This is called the Sentigraph index.

Powered by IBM Watson, Sentigraph can create an immediate, worldwide emotional report about any subject. Though it will begin by first analyzing twitter hashtags because of their prevelance, the Sentigraph index's possibilities are seemingly limitless, and we anticipate its use will be ubiquitous. 

The Offering


$1/share of Common Stock│When you invest you are betting the company’s future value will exceed $1.6M.


  • Invest $1,000+ - You will be offered a free invitation to a demonstration of the MVP when it launches.
  • Invest $5,000+ - You will be offered a free invitation to a demonstration of the MVP PLUS You will be recognized by Sentigraph Inc. as a Partner and entitled to a 2% discount on all uniquely prepared reports in the Reports Marketplace after the MVP launch for 1 year.

  • Invest $25,000+ - You will be offered a free invitation to a demonstration of the MVP PLUS You will be recognized by Sentigraph Inc. as a Fellow and entitled to a 5% discount on all uniquely prepared reports in the Reports Marketplace after the MVP launch for 1 year.

*All perks occur after the offering is completed.

Why the World Needs Sentigraph

There are countless industries that rely on the collection of accurate information to make decisions. We anticipate that Sentigraph will have immediate effects on a couple of key industries as soon as it is launched.

For PR, marketing, and advertising, Sentigraph presents a panacea. What if you never faced another PR gaffe because of a poorly thought out marketing initiative? What if you knew your ad would always land before you ever spent money placing it? What if you always knew how to respond to unhappy customers? Sentigraph eliminates a whole slew of concerns across the industry, because people will be enabled to make more accurate predictions and better decisions.

Various brands can also benefit from insights provided by the Sentigraph Hashtag Reports. These are reports curated by several reporters and vetted by our validators in the Sentigraph Ecosystem, who are subject matter experts. This ensures that Sentigraph holds valid accurate data about brands, which can also be transferred to a knowledge graph.

More Industries Sentigraph Can Affect

But Sentigraph is hardly limited to marketing and PR. It can also become a necessary mainstay for any kind of commodity or stock trader. Before money gets moved, people can ask to see the emotional context of any subject in the moment. This would give traders a new dimension of information from which to make their next move. With Sentigraph, decisions can become smarter and outcomes less volatile.

Politics could drastically change because of Sentigraph, too. Long gone are the days of biased, confusing, or unnecessary polls. Sentigraph will simply do it better. Service industries will also benefit. We’ll be able to provide services to businesses with more accurate reviews and feedback.

This is just the tip of the Sentigraph iceberg. In two years, we intend for it to be available through most websites and services. With it, video games can rollout better updates, Twitch streamers can make better videos, and creators of all kinds learn to craft higher performing content. We believe healthcare, law enforcement, urban planning, and media will all come to use Sentigraph in the future. 

About Sentigraph

The Sentigraph ecosystem will consist of the various sentigraph index use cases, which would have been implemented as decentralized applications that leverage the blockchain. All the applications within the ecosystem rely on the extraction of the sentigraph index, which is issued by the sentigraph index miner service. 

The miner service is centrally managed in order to allow for seamless integrations into various business partner platforms, for instance, a trading platform that needs the sentigraph index as an extra technical analytics tool for their customers. The Sentigraph platform also aims at connecting Sentigraph to future partners across industries. The representative powers of the platform can be added to nearly any existing website that can find a use for more information. As a service, Sentigraph will become a mainstay of nearly every website, similar to Amazon Web Services.

One of the core decentralized applications is the Sentigraph Hashtag Reports (SHR). This is a sub-ecosystem that incentivizes reporters and expert validators to prepare explanatory reports regarding the sentiment trends of popular brands through cryptographic token rewards. These validated reports become our assets and can be accessed by our partners.

The ecosystem will be for individuals to investigate or play games using tokens. People can use Sentigraph to ask their own questions about any subject. Qualitative emotional data can be useful for anyone at any level. But in addition to curiosity, Sentigraph's ecosystem will have a competitive side as well, and games will be made available at a future time.

Our Product (First Use Case)

Overview of the Sentigraph Hashtag Report (SHR)

Sentigraph Inc. will also derive its value from holding reports of a brand’s public data obtained from twitter hashtags that have been thoroughly analyzed by the players in our ecosystem. This wealth of information will be desired by partnering corporations and just about any individual, who can purchase reports from the Reports Marketplace. The marketplace will hold these unique reports, which can hardly be obtained from any other data source. 

Players in the SHR Sub-Ecosystem

Independent users:

This is any user who uses the platform to mine hashtags for the sole purpose of obtaining its sentigraph index and an automated report. The user will use this insight for personal purposes, such as an input parameter to an external system or to analyze trades and signals. These users are able to purchase reports from the marketplace as well.


Interpreters prepare reports from pre-mined hashtags. They explain the correlation between the sentigraph index trends and the activities or operations of the brands, which are represented by the hashtags, and stored in a decentralized cloud storage like Storj, which we have considered. In Storj, the file is first encrypted, broken up into pieces, and then distributed across Storj’s network. Only the owners will have the keys to access the encrypted files, providing top-notch security and privacy. Monographers are rewarded with EMOT tokens whenever their report is accessed.


These players are subject matter experts and ensure that all reports are vetted and approved. They grade reports and offer suggestions to the Interpreters on how to improve their reports. Validators are rewarded with EMOT tokens whenever a validated report is accessed.

Businesses and our Partners:

Purchase access to our wealth of information and Report Marketplace via subscription plans.

How Sentigraph Earns Revenue

Use of the Sentigraph Index Miner API

Sentigraph index queries are not free, and use of Sentigraph for individuals or companies will cost. Users willing to mine the sentigraph index for any data would have to purchase one of the available subscription plans.

Purchasing Hashtag Reports (Reports Marketplace)

The Sentigraph Hashtag Report (SHR) is a unique application in the blockchain that fosters the curation of reports from sentiment trends of hashtags. The reports are interpreted analytics vetted by experts in the SHR sub-ecosystem that explain the trends. 

The uniqueness of the SHR stems from the “touch” of human intelligence embedded into the reports and the leveraging of hashtags, which represents the majority of Twitter’s public data. Our partner companies as well as individual members are able to purchase these reports.

Commissions in Other Gamified Use Cases

The games will involve token wagers by individuals and will be based on an individual's understanding of current events, and they all rely on the  Sentigraph index. We will charge commissions on the positions and wagers placed by the participants. 

Finally, Sentigraph is hosted on the blockchain, providing our users with three main features:

  1. It will guarantee security through encryption. 

  2. It will eliminate the need for servers, lowering overhead.

  3. Total transparency of all transactions within the Sentigraph ecosystem: All transactions are securely encrypted, and recorded on the blockchain.

This means that all the information from every query is recorded on the blockchain and capable of being recalled and studied to provide further historical context. Still, Sentigraph protects users. Essentially, every use of Sentigraph makes it better for both companies and individuals. 

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