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Rebalancing Digital Advertising
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UAT Fixes the Broken Advertising Model

The current digital advertising model is inefficient at best, and broken at worst. Publishers are not being paid fairly for their content, Users are faced with escalating ad loads as well as increasingly interruptive ad units; and Advertisers deal with an unacceptable level of inefficiency and fraud.


The Universal Attention Token (UAT) intends to solve these challenges. Built using blockchain technology, and deployed at scale, the Universal Attention Token aims to deliver greater value to Publishers, a better experience for Users--all while improving the ability for Advertisers to reach prospective customers.


SocialFlow's UAT is a digital token that corresponds to consumer attention. Having such a token allows us to account for consumer actions in a way that is simple, private, and trustworthy. The fact that token transactions will be written to the blockchain is an important technical innovation—but you don’t need to be a technical expert to benefit. Just as you don’t need to understand hypertext transfer protocol (“http://”) to use the Internet, you don’t need to understand blockchain to use the UAT. When done well, it just works.

Why SocialFlow

Almost 200 of the world’s top publishers and media companies already use SocialFlow’s platform to distribute and monetize their content on social networks. Check out our case studies to learn about our client successes.


Additionally, SocialFlow has supported campaigns that have generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue for our clients, giving us a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the digital advertising space. 

Global Scale

People are often surprised at the sheer volume of content published by our clients to social networks. With 50 million social posts per year and more than 1.1 trillion in social reach, our clients know how to engage their audiences


Many of the biggest brands in publishing and media use SocialFlow, drawing large and engaged social audiences around the world. This publisher scale serves as the foundation for the Universal Attention Token (UAT).

The following numbers are based on data from SocialFlow's Platform over 12 months.  For more information about these numbers, see our white paper. 

Reach: 1.1 Trillion

Devices: 2.4 Billion

Clicks: 8.9 Billion

Social Pages: 16,000

Social Posts: 50 Million

Experts on the Media

At SocialFlow we are experts on the media, trusted by the media to serve as analysts of consumer attention. We’re regularly called upon by a variety of news and business outlets to comment on how social media is influencing politics, business, and entertainment. The scale at which our clients publish allows us to offer data-driven insights on the stories and topics that are generating consumer attention.

SocialFlow CEO Jim Anderson provides social media and technology commentary for media outlets across the world:

Fox Business: Varney & Co (07/17/18)

Al Jazeera: (08/02/18)

MSNBC: Morning Joe (1/03/18)

BNN Bloomberg: The Open (12/22/17)

Existing Investors

SocialFlow has been backed by of some of the biggest names in venture capital. Three rounds of successful venture raises have allowed us to build our product and customer base. Venture funds who have supported SocialFlow include: 

The Offering

SAFE and the Pre-Sale Discount

The Pre-Sale offering will be structured as a Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE). The SAFE will convert into Security Tokens if and when the minimum threshold defined in the Offering Documents is met.


Participants in the Pre-Sale offering of the SAFE will receive a 20% discount on the price per Security Token at the time of conversion.


If the threshold defined in the Offering Documents is not met, the SAFE investment will convert into SocialFlow's Series C-1 shares in SocialFlow at the Series C-1 share price.

SocialFlow’s Security Token

If and when the SAFE converts into Security Tokens, the Security Tokens will represent non-voting junior preferred equity of SocialFlow, Inc.


Up to 1 billion Security Tokens will be outstanding at any given time.


500 million of these Security Tokens will be made available for External Sale. 


The remaining 500 million Security Tokens will be reserved for SocialFlow Uses, which include allocations to existing investors, employees, partners and advisors. 


A description of the terms of the SAFE is provided in the Offering Documents.

The sale has been structured with three milestones,

starting with a Pre-Sale using a SAFE:

Security Token Custody

We anticipate that the SocialFlow Security Tokens will be minted according to the ERC20 standard. They should be treated with the same standard of care you would treat other valuable instruments, such as stock certificates. In the event of loss of the Security Tokens, subject to applicable conditions and payment of a processing fee, SocialFlow may invalidate the lost tokens and issue replacements. 

Company: SocialFlow, Inc.

Corporate Address:  52 Vanderbilt Avenue, 12th Floor, New York, NY 10017

Description of Business: Social Marketing Software

Type of Security Offered: Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE)

Purchase Price of Security Offered: 

To the extent that the SAFE converts into Security Tokens, the Security Tokens will be issued at a 20% discount, and to the extent that it converts into Series C-1, the price per share of C-1 will be $0.7709

SocialFlow Buy-Back  

At least once per year, SocialFlow will evaluate the cash balance in the SocialFlow UAT ecosystem. If there is a sufficient cash balance, and with approval of the company’s Board of Directors, SocialFlow may conduct a token buy-back with a portion of the funds. Such a buy-back could reduce the number of Security Tokens outstanding.


Holders of Warrants or Options for Security Tokens will not be eligible to participate in a token buy-back unless they have exercised their Warrant or Option and hold Security Tokens at the time of any buy-back.


Please see “Risk Factors” in the Offering Documents.

A Novel Approach

SocialFlow intends to use a two-token approach. The Universal Attention Tokens are intended to be used within the UAT ecosystem and will be built on the Stellar platform. They will flow through the economy and act as the accounting mechanism for the UAT ecosystem. They are not for sale.


We anticipate that the SocialFlow Security Tokens will be built to the ERC20 token standard. Proceeds from the SAFE and any future Security Token sales represent an investment in SocialFlow and will be used to fund SocialFlow and its development of the UAT ecosystem.

With the UAT Ecosystem...

Revolutionizing the economics of media and advertising by rebalancing the digital advertising ecosystem. The UAT will improve the value proposition for all players: Publishers, Users, and Advertisers.


Publishers and content creators should be compensated fairly for the quality content that keeps their users coming back.


Users should be able to engage with content in an enjoyable way and have their time as well as the ownership of their data respected.


Advertisers should be able to build meaningful relationships with receptive audiences through high-quality messaging.

Understanding the UAT in 10 Minutes

Click on the image above to see SocialFlow CEO Jim Anderson explain what the UAT is and why it is so needed for publishers and media companies. This video is captured from the MainStage at the 2018 StartEngine Summit.

In the Press

Ironwood Research Group Releases Report Evaluating SocialFlow's Universal Attention Token Economy
August 29, 2018

Ironwood CEO Mike Strutton calls the UAT "one of the most exciting token offerings," with the capacity to change how digital advertising works. Click the title above to read the full report.

Does a ‘universal attention token’ sound good? Then you’re going to love the blockchain
September 4, 2018

SocialFlow thinks it is the future of a sustainable ad-based media industry. In a nutshell, SocialFlow—which manages social-media campaigns for media companies—wants to replace the ad business and its shady click and page-view model with a cryptocurrency-based “universal attention token.”

BNN The Open: Social Media Regulation
September 6, 2018

SocialFlow CEO Jim Anderson joins Jon Erlichman on Canada’s Business News Network to discuss Facebook’s and Twitter’s testimony in front of Congress.

Fox Business News: Varney & Co
September 10, 2018

SocialFlow CEO Jim Anderson joins Stuart Varney on Fox Business to discuss future social media regulation and shadow banning.

SocialFlow To Create Blockchain To Maximize Digital Ads
September 11, 2018

Jim Anderson, CEO of SocialFlow, discusses creating a new blockchain-enabled digital advertising system that replaces the traditional ad model. Joined by and Chris Ailman, CIO of CalSTRS, and hosted by Pimm Fox and Lisa Abramowicz.

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