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Solar Direct

Solar & Storage, on Steroids!
$56,118 Raised
Ended January 15th
227 Investors

"Solar Direct helped launch the solar industry over 32 years ago, expanding into a full service Solar EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Contracting) Enterprise - a distinction and advantage most competitors don't enjoy, since they must outsource the engineering and/or contracting to third parties.  We provide solar electric & thermal products primarily to the residential & commercial markets.  Our other unique feature is the combination of EPC with a robust ecommerce store, which drives substantial national traffic to both profit centers. "

"We saw a disruption coming - for the past year we have been developing a unique innovative business strategy which we believe could capture a significant share of the solar & energy storage “Gold Rush” utilizing our Solar-to-Scale Accelerator plus Solar Buyers Club Platform.  Discover how you can join in! "

- Kirk Maust, CEO Solar Direct

Solar & Storage is the Solution, and EVERYONE wants it!

We believe this is an industry about to EXPLODE!!![2,6]  Not only can you claim your stake in Green Renewable Energy, and instantly become a Solar Leader, you also get the option to determine your OWN Return on Investment![8]   Now you can...

Own The POWER.  Grab Great Perks.  Control your ROI.


$0.50/share of Preferred Class B Units│Minimum Investment $100. 

When you invest you are betting the company’s future value will exceed $7.1M.


When you invest, you can receive a Free Membership in the Solar Buyers Club, Gift Certificates at our online store, and more.  See complete details in Terms Section below.

*All Perks occur after the o...

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