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Video Instruction for High-Skill Work
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A Pathway to Eliminating Unemployment and Growing Manufacturing

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Virtual QE creates Video Work Instructions for manufacturing companies with a focus on companies following ISO Standards such as Automotive, Aerospace, Medical Device, Pharmaceutical and Oil and Gas. If we have how-to videos for building furniture, or for taking dents out of cars, we asked ourselves, why can’t we go further? Shouldn’t we have how-to videos for building complex medical devices, cars and airplanes? Here at Virtual QE, we make that happen. We have already developed the service and have implemented it at several manufacturers in several cities in the US and in Toronto. 

According to a study performed by the Manufacturing Institute in 2015, many of these high-level manufacturing companies are unable to fill their open job positions to the tune of 2 million jobs over the next 10 years due to a lack of highly specialized manufacturing talent in the workforce. We believe we are changing that. Through our video work instructions, companies will be able to fill those positions by empowering everyday people with no specialized training to be able to perform these highly specialized tasks in a job setting. 

Through our processes and templates acquired from best practices across multiple industries, it's our opinion that we will cut down the amount of time it takes to create work instructions. We believe we will save costs by ensuring smooth transitions for employees and will prevent tribal knowledge from getting lost in the process. We believe these work instruction videos train employees up to ten-times faster and more effectively than traditional methods.

We are starting in manufacturing and moving into healthcare and every other industry.