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Today’s Workplace is Stressful




Stress is a massive problem in the workplace, costing U.S. businesses $30 billion yearly in loss within workdays alone. People see their jobs as creating stress, and employers need to do more to help. Current solutions are expensive, time-consuming, ineffective, and not measurable. Certain industries are so stress led that the work environment has catapulted turnover to historical record levels. Further, daily distractions hinder career related focus and success. This lack of sustained focus and elevated stress stifles productivity, career advancement, and lowers profitability.

Vital Neuro’s innovative science-based platform offers a solution to these issues through stress reduction as a service. A Mobile SaaS for enterprise customers where employers provide their team members with enjoyable, neuroscience-based stress reduction sessions built on real time monitoring of personal biosignals. The results...improved job satisfaction, increased productivity, lowered employee turnover, and increased EBITDA.

This advanced brain training paradigm is an innovative blend of neurofeedback, scientifically designed sound and music, and other neuro modulation techniques, that are based on brain plasticity; the brain’s ability to change. Vital Neuro’s groundbreaking solution is delivered through stylish, wireless, high fidelity headphones and an app that ties to Vital’s Leonardo smart cloud platform.

Based on 50+ years of combined research, Vital Neuro’s technology delivers a customized solution by offering science-based features. By measuring the real time biosignals of the brain, a calming audio and/or audio & video experience is delivered in response to reduce the subscriber’s stress levels.

Vital Neuro’s solution takes real time physiological data to assess and assign the precise audio/video content needed to deliver a quantifiable stress management solution to a growing subscriber base. While focusing our sales and distribution efforts on enterprises with a very large number of employees, Vital Neuro will reduce workplace stress by bringing employees back to a state of equilibrium, thus achieving balance within the workplace.


The Company is offering rights to an aggregate of $45,000,000 Neuros Tokens[1] pursuant to SAFEs in three offerings (“the Offerings”) pursuant to this Memorandum, as described in more detail below:

  1. Neuros Token may, at its sole discretion, raise up to $50,000,000 with this offering upon market demand dictates. 
  2. Represents the total proceeds before distribution fees and offering expenses, (“see plan of distributions” for more information) Neuros Token may engage registered marketing agents or finder’s in connection with the distribution of this offering and pay such agents’ commission up to 8% of the aggregate purchase price for the SAFEs placed by such agents. 
  3. Represents the Neuros Tokens underlying SAFE pursuant to Rule 506(c) of Regulation D of the Securities Act. 
  4. Neuros Token, Inc. reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to increase the aggregate number of Neuros Tokens issuable pursuant to the SAFEs sold in the offerings, based on market demand, not to exceed a total market raise of $50,000,000.  Tokens not sold will be burned, and only 1,588,500 will be retained in the Company treasury. 
  5. Proceeds to Company will be variable on market demand, not to exceed $50,000,000 before fees and expenses.

Please see our Private Placement Memorandum for more information.



Vital Neuro, Inc., is at the forefront of brain technology. Neuros Token, Inc., a derivative of the parent company Vital Neuro, Inc., is providing this innovative cryptocurrency element to its overall company portfolio.

Neuros Token will be offered in the most transparent and value-oriented manner possible.


While other cryptocurrency offerings provide businesses that have only a ‘mind experiment’ type business or businesses that have not even started growth, Vital Neuro has been developing since 2016. Further, Vital’s team has decades of proven experience within their business sectors. Other business teams are utilizing members from other sectors and retrofitting their experience to match their current offering.

The Neuros Token offering provides additional value to investors. In addition to offering its cryptocurrency at a discount to early investors, Vital is also providing a full 20% of its overall business (in the form of preferred equity) to cryptocurrency investors in pro-rata proportions.

Added value also comes in the form of a dividend incentive. Token holders will have the opportunity to participate in a pilot program, utilizing Vital’s innovative cloud system to earn additional dividends in the form of either cash, Neuros Tokens, or other cryptocurrency.

Vitals’ team is allocating less than 10% of the outstanding token float to its members where the standard in-house percentage of the token float to members eclipses 30%.

Several other uses the Company is developing for Vital Neuro's technology that could create very significant future revenue.


We foresee several other uses to create value for the company and end-users including the monitoring of the brain’s activity, whether by a single user or a subset, could also be valuable for drug validation. If the bio signals were such that they can be studied and categorized, there would be the ability to confirm diagnosis of brain disorders. A military use could also be foreseen; management of EEGs of soldiers dealing with high degrees of stress, treatment of PTSD and re-integration of veterans could be managed. As a preventive solution, Vital could act as a major disruptor, or could fit as a tool for big pharmaceutical companies.

When Vital’s service is studied and validated; the company could then stand on “brain training” as a service, along with “trained focus” and

sports applications.

Our Strengths Include:

  • Cloud service delivery using clinically practiced and tested scientific stress reduction programs
  • Secure cloud platform on Amazon Web Services (“AWS”) for capturing and acting on electroencephalogram (“EEG”) and other biometric data to reduce costly and harmful stress in enterprises
  • No U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) regulatory approvals needed for product development, testing, and sale of our initial products
  • Actionable, commercial, annuity model
  • Our current projections suggest we will be able to achieve a cash flow positive status in an expedited manner


VITAL is the Solution for Workplace Stress

Vital Neuro’s scientific team has created a neuromodulation technology delivered through an AI enabled cloud service that will reduce stress in the workplace. This revolutionary mobile solution utilizes cutting edge neuroscience and scientifically designed music and sound to enhance focus and reduce stress in our subscribers.

  • All EEG tech in headset is protected know how as IP licensed to Vital royalty free & perpetually
  • Audio content is copyrighted and licensed to Vital royalty free & perpetually
  • Cloud based platform; digital signal processing, assessment tools & algorithm with IP licensed to Vital royalty free & perpetually along with streaming media engine design measuring, and managing subscriber use in a customized but anonymized manner
  • No FDA approval needed & privacy compliant cloud data collection


We believe our service will provide a unique advanced solution by offering science-based features. The proprietary machine learning algorithms are the result of 50+ years of combined research. On the solution delivery side of our platform, the psychoacoustic sound and music is copyrighted content. Subscriber-owned or copyrighted audio video can also be used as a part of the solution in the future. All the intellectual property rights (“IP”), including specific trade secrets and know how developed and licensed to the company as a perpetually royalty-free license by our founders.


Our solution is centered around using our Leonardo smart cloud architecture that resides atop AWS with a machine learning engine and algorithms to take real-time personalized biosignal data (EEG, ECG and more) to assess and deliver the correct personalized content to provide a science-based and clinically tested stress-reduction solution to our growing subscriber base. We plan to narrowly focus our sales and distribution efforts on enterprises with very large numbers of employees.

This enterprise distribution-model makes our corporate customer financially liable for their employees' subscriptions as a wellness benefit. This market approach manages customer churn, compliance and training, which typically damage the business in a direct to consumer model.

Our model is designed to be like a simple corporate cellular phone subscription service, with our future enterprise customers paying a monthly, recurring fee per employee or subscriber. We expect that the enterprise customer will use our “train the trainer” model to minimize compliance issues and manage subscriber churn with the expected result of increasing our customers’ employee retention and wellness.


Vital is the track and train solution. Our model does not just track and measure stress but relieves it and has shown a minimum of 80% reduction in stress related symptoms. Our brains are flexible and shaped by our experiences, even in adulthood, which is why our service has successfully shown to help so many. Sound and music impact the brain and change its function which in turn impacts our brain activities and general stress levels. The brain recognizes when given information via feedback and opportunities to change, making this an automatic learning and habit formation to guide individuals to optimal performance. Our psychoeducation content allows for interactive learning such as respiration training where users can learn the principles of brain health while developing new skills.

Four Pillars of Vital

The VITAL Solution Makes Stress Better Everyday

Brain Plasticity

  • Brain is flexible
  • Is shaped by our experiences, even in adulthood 
  • Plasticity can be guided & directed

Feedback Loops

  • Brain reorganizes when given information on itself via feedback & opportunities to change 
  • Automatic learning & habit formation 
  • Guided toward optimal performance

Neuroscience Based Sound & Music

  • Sound & music impact the brain and change its function 
  • Audio entrainment & resonance
  • Activation & Inhibition

Interactive Psychoeducation

  • Interactive learning (ex. respiration training)
  • Learn principles of brain health while developing skills 
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
    Mindful meditation through science


VITAL Neuro’s Innovative SmartCloud Stress Solution

Vital Neuro has pioneered the authoritative, science-based, personal, stress-relief mobile cloud-based service. We have already built what we believe to be the world’s largest sound and music database targeted at neuromodulation. The large amount of EEG data we expect to collect will be driven by increasing the number of companies and their subscribers’ use of our model, and the success of our subscription service will be driven by their frequent use of our service, helping our machine learning engine and algorithms to better assess and dynamically react to the numerous daily occurrences contributing to and/or causing stress.

As the base of subscribers grows, our smart cloud will continuously learn to be more accurate in predicting the ideals sounds to stream with music and images for each subscriber, helping them relax and reduce their stress. As our system learns and improves, we believe Vital’s Leonardo smart cloud will attract more companies and users, creating a cycle that leverages our database’s network effect. The Vital SaaS solution uses, and subscription revenue stream is multi-faceted and seeks to roll out numerous applications after stress relief. At this time we believe the next service will be helping subscribers excel at focus improvement.


Like the very first cellular phones, our market approach and ability to work and stay with our focus will be critical. Neuroscience is a nascent but fast-growing area in business. Based on the number of claims and players, it may seem like a crowded field, but brain science is vast. Eastern practices of meditation and breathing being delivered through apps are generally soothing sounds like babbling brooks. Others claim range from memory improvements to higher IQ by playing certain games on an app or ingesting supplements, while some lean more toward western techniques and technology as delivery systems for electric stimulation of the brain or ultrasound waves aimed at different cranial locations. We believe that these later models are clearly invasive solutions and should be regulated by the FDA, as harm may be caused to users or children with unknown and unforeseen consequences. The ROI for invasive clinical interventions is uncertain and the risks are high, based on the need for studies and passage through the FDA pre-market approval process as certain regulatory hurdles and approvals are sure to be required.

Based on our proprietary, copyrighted audio and machine learning engine, we use scientific methods to help measure and relieve stress, training the brain to improve and remain at lower levels of stress with only 15 minutes of daily use.

The human brain remains a vast and minimally understood organ, but the parts we understand are now being explored in a meaningful way. Our business category is massive and balkanized. Today, the neuroscience field is primarily comprised of companies focused on various niches in the market with a seemingly wide variety of claims which, in our view, are holistic and self-service in nature.

Our belief is that our global opportunity is well over $250 billion and the market in the United States alone has an addressable size approaching $50 billion. Grand View Research has studied traditional research spaces and valued the neuroscience market size at $24.09 billion in 2013 and expects this market to grow at a CAGR of 2.9% over the forecast period.

According to Grand View Research, key growth factor attributes associated with the neuroscience market include rising R&D, related to neuroinformatics for the development of efficient tools and algorithms to enhance brain structural and functional mapping. The neuroscience market is primarily based on ongoing brain mapping research and investigation projects aimed to better understand complex neuronal circuits, nervous functioning, and neuronal manipulation.

According to Grand View Research, prime demand in this sector comes from pertinent laboratories and academic institutes that are involved in research projects analyzing animal models to gain insights into brain functioning. According to Grand View Research, key factors fueling the demand for such research are the rise in the incidence of various malignant central nervous system (“CNS”) disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinsonism, and the growing prevalence of inherited genetic disorders.

The presence of considerable government funding encouraging the continuation of such research is expected to maintain stable growth over the forecast period. It is expected that novel product development resultant of ongoing R&D will further influence growth during the forecast period.





Vital was founded with the vision to become the world’s largest, science-based provider of stress-reduction in the workplace. Second tier use will allow the end user to enhance cognitive focus that will allow for increased work performance and well being. Rather than selling individual units online or in stores, Vital’s business model seeks to sell to large companies for enterprise solutions. Currently, we have letters of intent pending with Fortune 500 companies to implement a sales model that will scale quickly.

We foresee several other uses to create value for the company and end-users including the monitoring of the brain’s activity, whether by a single user or a subset, could also be valuable for drug validation. If the bio signals were such that they can be studied and categorized, there would be the ability to confirm diagnosis of brain disorders. A military use could also be foreseen; management of EEGs of soldiers dealing with high degrees of stress, treatment of PTSD and re-integration of veterans could be managed. As a preventive solution, Vital could act as a major disruptor, or could fit as a tool for big pharmaceutical companies. When Vital’s service is studied and validated; the company could then stand on “brain training” as a service, along with “trained focus” and sports applications.

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