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Worthy Financial

Helping to Save and Grow Your Money
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Ended January 28th
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You're Worthy of a Better Return

Join us in changing the face of finance.

We’re on a mission to help people painlessly save and grow their money – and to do it in a way that better aligns with their values and lifestyle.

People are WORTHY of a better return, a more level investment playing field, and a more secure financial future so we are working to make that happen. We do this by bringing higher-yielding alternative investments to the masses and helping them painlessly build a nest egg. The investment type we offer was previously only open to the wealthy but we used new securities laws in an innovative way to bring our product - a $10 dollar, 5% interest earning bond -  to the mainstream consumer. Isn't it time that the 98% have a better way to save?

We designed our product to fit into our customer's lives by providing 3 easy ways to buy the bonds.  Bonds can be purchased "on demand" by simply clicking the "buy bonds" button in our app, by scheduling a recurring "set it & forget it" monthly investment, or by participating in our "round-up" program which tracks the spare change from our client's everyday purchases (rounding-up every transaction they make to the next whole dollar amount) and when this amount hits $10.00 a bond is added to their portfolio. Our "Worthies" are tucking money away - and growing it at a fixed  5% - in the background of their lives!

Our primary customers are those who are anxious about their financial future - whether it is the 1 in 3 Americans not saving for retirement or the 46% who struggle to have $400 on hand for an emergency (Federal Reserve Economic Wellness survey).  We are also focused on helping millennials as they face a changing employment landscape in which on-demand, "gig economy" jobs make it hard to save money as they do not offer a financial safety net such as employer sponsored savings programs.

So help us make the world a better place...where money works for everyone.