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YoowNeek - Cloud-based Website Builder
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YoowNeek Cloud-Based Website Builder

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Over one year of research and development has been poured into YoowNeek, and it is currently a working prototype capable of creating professional-looking websites using our advanced drag-and-drop website editor, which requires no development experience from the user.  We need your help to fund the costs of data centers and marketing to launch our product in the market. Our advanced editor has advanced features not found in our competitors products. Read below for details of our advanced features, and watch our video for demos that show how our product stands out from our competitors.

Passionate About Technology and Serving Customers

Xascale was started by our CEO Jeff Mueller with a passion for creating cutting-edge technology to meet and exceed our customer wishes.  Our vision is to take our expert knowledge of technology and apply it to our customers' products in a way that gives our customers a strategic advantage in business.  We work hard to earn and keep the trust of our customers and strive to develop professional relationships so our customers know that we care about making them win as an individual as well as their company as a whole.

Our goal is to develop your products and services with passion and energy that can be seen and touched by the end user.  We build your solution in a way that we believe shows our years of experience at making highly scalable and robust products.  We work on your project with a sense of urgency and commitment to meeting your desired time to market.  We have a deep understanding of how time to market can make or break a company product and/or a company as a whole.  

Over one year of development effort, including long nights leaving little time for family and friends, has been poured into my new cloud-based website builder called YoowNeek.  

I created YoowNeek after launching my company Xascale in 2016 using another website builder to save time.  I quickly noticed that the website builder I was using lacked some key features, such as auto resizing to fit any window width or device width. I also found that I was forced to use templates, and it was difficult to make my website look unique.  I tried my website on different devices and found that the text of my website was made smaller on some devices, making it more difficult to read.  

My company, individual people, and other companies need an advanced website builder allowing them to quickly create unique blazing-fast websites that automatically resize and optimize for any window width or device. I want to help companies, families, and people create awesome websites that they can share with customers, family members, or potential employers. In my opinion:

  • My product YoowNeek will allow anyone to create an awesome, unique website with no development experience necessary!  
  • My product utilizes an AI-based algorithm to automatically resize and optimize your website for any window size on any device. 
  • My product reacts extremely fast to user input when navigating from page to page, just like a native application.  

I believe our cloud-based business model with a strategic revenue model will attract millions of customers. Additionally, our advanced next-generation product will entice our customers to stay with us for years to come.

 Jeff Mueller


The Offering

$5.00/share of Class B Common Stock│When you invest you are betting the company’s future value will exceed $8.1M.


$250 — If you invest $250, you will receive a 1 year subscription to publish a website.

$500 — If you invest $500, you will receive a 2 year subscription to publish a website.

$750 — If you invest $750, you will receive a 3 year subscription to publish a website.

*All perks occur after the offering is completed.

For details on the bonus, please see the Offering Summary below.

Helping companies and people present their ideas and dreams to the world.

What We Have Accomplished So Far

Over the past year, we have successfully created a next-generation cloud-based website builder that I believe allows anyone to create an awesome unique website with no development experience necessary.  Our AI-based algorithm automatically resizes your website to fit any window width or device.


We have a highly scalable and secure backend data center capable of scaling to millions of customers.  

With help from your investment, we can launch our product, pay for the data center, and advertise to reach millions of potential customers.  

Our product currently supports many key features.  

  • AI-based algorithm to automatically optimize your website layout for any window size and any device
  • Fast user navigation when someone uses the website you create with our product
  • You can create completely unique websites from a blank canvas or choose from templates to get started
  • You can create unique eCommerce websites
  • You can create unique forms on your website
  • You can add any image or video and resize it any way you want

There are many more features that make our product unique and many more highly advanced features to come in the near future.

Create a Unique Website From a Blank Canvas

How Our Product Is Different From the Rest

Our product is different from other website builders in a number of ways. 

We do not force users to start with a template that gives your website a cookie-cutter or copied look and feel.

Our AI-based algorithm automatically optimizes your website for any window size and any device without you needing to do any manual mobile optimization.  

Navigating between pages on your website is extremely fast, like a native application.  

Our Market and Industry

The cloud-based website builder industry has seen explosive growth, going from under 50,000 websites in 2014 to over 2.3 million today. 

We believe our product can achieve significant market share over the next year and beyond due to our advanced features and technology.


Invest in Our Company Today!

Invest in our company today, own a stake, and join us as we launch our new YoowNeek product.  With your investment we can reach millions of people all over the world who have posted comments about other website builders that don't meet their needs due to forcing them to use templates, specific themes, and other more restrictive features.  

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