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Crypto should be simple. Now it is.

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Investing can be daunting, complicated, and difficult. The resources are jargon heavy, the act requires time for research and preparation, and the results are unforgiving to the uninitiated. This does nothing to mention the incredibly high barrier of entry: the willingness to lose the money invested. All of these factors make investing difficult for the average person. 

As if the investment barriers weren't high enough, investing in cryptocurrency requires people to overcome more obstacles. Knowledge comes from niche sources or behind paywalls. Legitimacy is difficult to ascertain; the decentralized nature of the industry can render research and preparation moot. Cryptocurrency investing can require investments in additional infrastructure for security and even then finding a reputable exchange can be tough. The industry's regulatory status is up in the air as well. Investing is tough enough; when you include cryptocurrency in that equation, people become discouraged. 

Nevertheless, investing is also the best way to accrue wealth and protect oneself from a financial crisis. Despite the risk, you're risking more without investing.

But what if there was a way to invest and overcome all of these issues with a simple, easy-to-use app? What if there was a way to get all the information you need in one place and it was combined with a system that made investing as streamlined and painless as possible? Well there is. 

It's called Zenvst. It plans to change everything and we want you to join our vanguard and lead the charge to revolutionize investing.

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