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Paperless and instant way to verify income when buying a car
$27,700 Raised
Ended February 1st
29 Investors

TurboPass digitally transforms the validation of income, employment, and identity, for buyers, sellers and creditors.

Why you may want to invest
  1. Scalable Saas platform for buyers, sellers, and creditors.
  2. Eliminates paper for parties to a credit transaction.
  3. Two patents pending (1 utility, 1 process) for "User-authorized distribution of trusted source data".
  4. Eliminates FRAUD for all Parties to the credit sale!
  5. Users include #1 Independent Auto Lender in the USA, Westlake Financial (with over 14,000 dealers)
  6. #1 Toyota Dealer South Texas as an early customer!
  7. Reduces payment delays for buyers/sellers/creditors.
  8. Testing application accross medical, M&A, commercial credit and investor due diligence verticals.
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