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Billion Vegans

The Largest Online Marketplace for Vegans
$172,239 Raised
Ended April 13th
522 Investors

Billion Vegans is a one-stop-shop online marketplace for vegan-only products ranging from food, fashion and cosmetics to home and pet supplies.  All sellers and products are thoroughly checked and vegan-certified because we care about animal welfare, our customers’ health, and environmental impact. We want to make vegan shopping convenient, affordable, and fun. Founded by a team of serial Hi-Tech entrepreneurs who also happen to be vegan, we believe that doing good is good business.

Why you may want to invest
  1. 20 million vegans in the US, grown 500% since 2014.

  2. An experienced team - an extensive track record of turning ideas into successful businesses.

  3. Strong execution - onboarded 4,500 products and 200 sellers within 8 months.

  4. Already demonstrated product-market fit - 1.5% customer conversion rate and 17% retention rate.

  5. Vegan core values - we donate 10% of all profits to vegan organizations.

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