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Chattanooga Football Club

For the first time in America, a soccer club offers fans true ownership.
$861,750 Raised
Ended June 2nd
3232 Investors

 As Chattanooga Football Club enters a new era of growth, we’re inviting you to invest in our future and own part of the team. By selling equity shares, we’re expanding our commitment to Chattanooga and our fans, so that when Chattanooga Football Club wins, we all win. We are leading the way in American soccer, creating a sustainable model that’s better for players, fans, and communities.

Why you may want to invest
  1. This is a limited opportunity to own an equity stake in Chattanooga Football Club. Supporter shares are limited to 8,000. This is real equity with real rights—each share comes with life-long voting rights and special owner privileges.

  2. We have inspired dozens of community-based clubs throughout the United States, giving them hope that soccer can thrive in places we never thought possible. A successful raise will set an example and pave the way for other clubs and cities across America.  

  3. By becoming an owner, you’re not just investing in the local soccer community, as shareholder of a benefit corporation, you’re buying a piece of U.S. soccer history.

  4. You can buy a share for yourself, your family, or your friends. For kids, team ownership is a gift that lasts a lifetime.

  5. Chattanooga Football Club shares have financial rights and come with voting privileges, investor updates, and special owner perks.

  6. We are well-established. Our loyal fan base has drawn the highest total attendance in the National Premier Soccer League over the last ten years—averaging more than 4,000 fans per game in 2017. We have set many amateur soccer attendance records, including a record-breaking 18,000 fans at the 2015 NPSL National Final, and also in 2015, we became the best amateur team in America by winning the Hank Steinbrecher Cup.

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Company Details

Chattanooga, TN

Key Team Members

Daryl Heald
CFC Board
Sheldon Grizzle
President / Vice Chairman
Paul Rustand


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