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Colossal Inc

Every year 8000 veterans commit suicide. We aim to drastically reduce that number
$6,100 Raised
Ended December 10th
20 Investors

Colossal Inc is a veteran founded company that develops innovative software with people in mind. SayScape is a social media platform designed for free expression, security focused, and user customization with a large focus on the veteran community. Everyday approx 22 military veterans take their own lives due to symptoms of PTSD. We provide a private place for verified veterans to communicate with one another on any number of topics without fear of stolen valor.

Why you may want to invest
  1. No other social media platform on the market like SayScape. Currently live on both Apple and Google app stores
  2. Targeting a need for veteran suicide prevention
  3. No direct competition in a large part of our target market.
  4. Extremely high growth potential through additional private feeds (first responders)
  5. Revenue potential through premium accounts, advertising, and health services are high
  6. SayScape is the only full service platform with end-to-end encryption
  7. No bias or censorship of lawful content
  8. Investing in all future pipeline development by Colossal Inc
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