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Dun Rite Games

Mobile games dun rite: created by gamers, for gamers
$314,899 Raised
Ended January 26th
435 Investors

As avid gamers ourselves, we grew frustrated by the stagnancy of some of our favorite strategy games. So we assembled a team of 18 to build new and innovative modes never before seen in a mobile strategy game – and investors have already committed $435K to make our dream a reality. We’re the first company to layer monetization strategies (customization, upgrades, and a player-to-player marketplace powered by cryptocurrency) to maximize our revenues.

Why you may want to invest
  1. Team has published 10 games between them.

  2. Vetted through a Strategy Pro-gamer focus group assembled by the founders under NDA.

  3. Founder has 109K subscribers on YouTube.

  4. Mobile gaming market (MGM) is estimated at $68B with 10+ percent growth for 10 years.

  5. Market expected to grow to $106B in 2021.

  6. Free-to-play game Fortnite made $300M in April 2018 through customization alone. 

  7. We can reach over 15 million gaming enthusiasts on YouTube with our close-knit content creator community.

Our Ambition

Most games use only one monetization strategy – we’re using three – and they still reach multi-million dollar monthly revenues. With our expertise and community-driven, gamer-first approach, we’ve already developed a strong interest amongst gamers who are sick of the status quo. We’re confident we can be the biggest independent mobile game company in the rapidly-growing $68B mobile gaming market.

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