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Higher yield, lower costs: going beyond organic with hydroponic leafy greens
$335,263 Raised
Ended April 4th
358 Investors

We’ve gone beyond organic to develop and optimize greenhouse technology to grow the best-tasting local and pesticide-free greens year-round.  Our methods are sustainable, efficient, and produce 20x the yield per square foot than conventional farming. Spinach, our flagship product, is the most in-demand leafy green in the US and our current demand exceeds our supply. We’re raising funds to expand operations and bring more fresh leafy greens to more people.

Why you may want to invest
    1. First to produce year-round pesticide-free spinach.
    1. Grown from 1 retailer shelf to 12 high-end retailer shelves in 6 months.
    1. Use 90% less water and yield 20x more greens per sq ft than conventional farming. 
    1. Short growth cycle: 14 days vs. 30-day industry standard.
  1. Always-local farms ensure 24-hour delivery from farm to shelves.

  2. $8B+ spent on leafy greens each year. 

  3. We avoid supply chain interruptions with precise hydroponic farming methods.

  4. Our current demand exceeds our supply and funds raised will be used to increase supply.

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New York, NY

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Serdar Mizrakci
Founder & CEO


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