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Enclave Food & Beverage Group (EnBev)

Food & Beverage company with organic products, natural sweeteners, & alcohols
$20,896 Raised
Ended November 28th
52 Investors

EnBev is a food & beverage company that offers a variety of products to consumers, because it not only allow us to fulfill their rapidly changing tastes, but it also allows us to diversify, meaning we get more opportunities to generate revenue. We currently provide Natural Sweeteners, Organic Superfoods, Unique Water Bottles, & Alcohol, and we have many more brands in development. We believe that in order to be successful, we must innovate quickly and be aggressive in our execution.

Why you may want to invest
  1. 13,000+ customers in our first year.

  2. 100+ stores across the US & Canada; Distribution secured in NY, NJ, & B.C. Canada.

  3. Increased our brand size to 4 in 2018, which now includes an organic line, a natural line, and a natural sweetener, with much more on the way.

  4. Launched Enlight, a natural sweetener in 2018 to appeal to changing sugar trends, and it's already ranked as one of top sweetener brands on Amazon. 

  5. The global bottled water market is projected to reach $280B+ by 2020. After 2 years of development, we're launching our Premium Water & Health Portfolio in 2019 under the brand name, País. 

  6. 290M potential global media impressions expected from our first Global Premium Water Ambassador in 2019 (announcement to come at launch).

  7. 2018 Month Over Month Sales individually have already surpassed all of 2017 revenue combined. Achieved a run rate in excess of $200K in the past 2 months since we've introduced our newest product lines. Sales are compounding each month.

Our Ambition

In 5 years, we aim to have a manufacturing facility where we can produce our range of organic products, sweeteners, alcohols & more, at scale and profitably. We aim for our products to be sold globally,  to be featured at notable events, and to be sold online & at high-end establishments and grocery stores. We hope to redefine the food & beverage market by creating multiple brands that will be  industry leaders in their respective categories.

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