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Inclusive recruitment platform that leverages intelligent personality profiling
$600 Raised
Ended February 16th
2 Investors

We help schools and colleges select and enroll students who best fit their ecosystem by allowing students to present a more professional portrait of themselves. By matching students to universities, we help people complete their degrees on time. After college, eProtege becomes a total life cycle, as we also work with companies to select those same students for internships and employment opportunities.  

Why you may want to invest
  1. Deal in place to onboard every school in Tennessee, both K-12 & colleges, that has revenue upside (although not guaranteed) of $1.2M.

  2. We have 2 patents pending for the first to market process for high schools and colleges assessing incoming applicants.

  3. Our executive management team has experience in taking former start-ups public.

  4. Advisory Board consists of the CEO of Lifeway, VP of ADP Cloud Marketplace, and Chair of SHRM.

  5. Registered 10k users at our first school.

  6. Revenue share agreement with an employer services company whose largest client is Cigna.

Our Ambition

Our goal is to have 80% of high schools across the U.S. using our platform, while also developing our strategy and partners to become the No. 1 place for companies to go find job seekers, particularly those looking for recently-graduated employees. 

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