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Gage & Tollner: Oyster & Chop House

A historic Brooklyn restaurant reborn
$451,425 Raised
Ended March 1st
312 Investors

For 125 years, Gage & Tollner was the cornerstone of the Brooklyn restaurant world. Founded in 1879, it was known for its stunning Gilded-Age dining room and its straightforward approach to honest cooking and warm hospitality. It closed in 2004, just as Brooklyn’s restaurant scene was beginning the renaissance that continues to this day. In 2019, three leaders of that renaissance are planning to bring Gage & Tollner back to life. For more information, go to

Why you may want to invest
  1. Founding team has 3 successful NYC restaurants between them.

  2. Located in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn, currently the center of intense private and commercial residential development. Served by 19 public transit lines, it's been a bustling neighborhood since before Brooklyn was a borough. 

  3. The dining room is a unique, Gilded-Age jewel, sure to be a tourist destination in its own right. The third interior to be "landmarked" in NYC. To re-create it today would cost millions. "One of Brooklyn's most venerable and beautiful restaurants." —Ruth Reichl, NY Times

  4. Five generations of goodwill: Brooklynites love this restaurant and want it to come back

  5. Limited ramp-up time: The building has 19th century charm but largely 21st Century infrastructure, put in by pervious tenants

  6. Limited neighborhood competition in one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in the city

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