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Automated cryptocurrency trading and automated consumer finance apps.
$131,390 Raised
Ended December 15th
298 Investors

Heleum automatically trades cryptocurrencies on Uphold.com. Users don't have to know anything about investing, trading, programming, or cryptocurrencies. Our web app is completely hands-free.

In addition to integrating machine learning algorithms to improve our app performance, we'll be adding more consumer finance apps and expanding to other trading markets, like stocks, futures, and forex.

Why you may want to invest
  1. 5,000 new users in 96 countries.

  2. Hands-free cryptocurrency trading.

  3. Expanding to all asset classes.

  4. Launching multiple apps and going mobile.

  5. Featured in CEO Money: http://www.wfn1.com/wfn1-tv/video-interviews/pace-ellsworth-on-how-heleum-makes-crypto-trading-acces...

Our Ambition

At Heleum, we're working to:
- Grow a massive user base
- Release new services to automatically trade assets all around the world
- Help users manage their finances automatically so they can focus on what matters in their lives

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