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Book your daytime oasis in the middle of the city
$107,000 Raised
Ended December 1st
270 Investors

Historically, hotels have been unwilling to offer rooms just for the day, sticking instead to rigid check-in and -out times. We created HotelsByDay to make it easy for customers to find and book single day stays. We designed the platform to make it easy for hoteliers to add this new revenue stream and protocol to their current booking system. Intuitively, it makes sense. Financially, it does too – we've brought in $5M+ in gross booking revenues. 

Why you may want to invest
  1. $5M+ in gross bookings revenue to date.

  2. CEO has 20 years of experience in hospitality.

  3. 35% customers are repeat users.

  4. 700+ hotels in North America and London.

  5. 54K+ bookings.

  6. Featured on Lodging Leaders podcast.

  7. Featured in over 150 press articles, TV shows, and multiple podcasts

Our Ambition

Booking hotel rooms just for the day is a win-win situation for all parties: hotel owners get 50% net revenue of a day room when it would otherwise be empty, guests have flexible options to relax during the day, and we make a 15% commission on each room. We're the day room leaders in North America; we plan to bring our easy-to-use platform to the millions of travelers and hoteliers across the globe. 

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