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Raising More Money for Charity Through Artificial Intelligence
$126,391 Raised
Ended March 1st
195 Investors

We believe businesses have a responsibility to improve their communities. One way retailers do this is by inviting shoppers to support charitable causes at the checkout counter.

We're building a better charity checkout platform using AI-based personalization. Our system asks the lady grabbing dog food to donate to the animal shelter, the man refilling medication to give to research for a cure. This personalized engagement boosts brands and differentiates the retailer as a business that cares.

Why you may want to invest
  1. Our technology outperformed standard charity checkout by tripling the donation rate from 8% to 25% in beta testing across 5 stores.

  2. Team has two successful startup exits and a CEO with fundraising expertise.

  3. Partnerships with major FinTech players such as Verifone, Ingenico, First Data, and Worldpay.

  4. Positioned to be first to market in the U.S. after the business model was proven in Europe.

  5. Completed SEED SPOT's top-ranked incubator and received $100,000 of AWS credits to minimize upfront costs.

  6. Prior to Parvenu, our founder, Patrick, ranked among the top fundraisers in the nation for The Nature Conservancy and Save the Children.

  7. Patrick is the Amazon best-selling strategy author of Road of the King.

  8. Our technology is proprietary under a provisional patent.

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Washington, DC

Key Team Members

Site Li
Co-founder & COO
Patrick Hoban
Co-founder & CEO


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