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Silent as the Grave Movie, LLC

A high-tension, thrilling mystery film that offers hope in the midst of tragedy.
$10,600 Raised
Ended January 31st
10 Investors

Silent as the Grave Movie, LLC's sole purpose is to produce the feature film, "Silent as the Grave."  A separate LLC from the production company is formed to protect its equity members and managers. We are an award-winning team who has produced over 15 films, which have been released worldwide and have aired on PBS affiliates nationwide.

Why you may want to invest
  1. Producer's previous film had a worldwide release and is on track to return a profit within 2 years of its release.
  2. This film already has a distribution LOI from Vision Video. They are interested in acquiring domestic and international rights.
  3. Our Team has produced 15+ Films, winning over 12 awards collectively along the way.
  4. Our previous film, Redemption Way, has been on our distributor's best-selling list for nearly two years.
  5. We are a multi award-winning production team who will be targeting two of the largest movie-going audiences with this film.
  6. Join us in delivering a positive message to the masses.
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