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Solstar Space Company

The first commercial Wi-Fi in space
$328,885 Raised
Ended January 12th
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Private space companies don't have the billion-dollar infrastructure of the government. As a result, the commercial space industry lacks a simple space-to-ground communications solution. As an internet service company providing the first-ever commercial Wi-Fi for these companies, we connect space to earth through patent-pending satellite technology. By making cosmic communication easy, we're doing our part to make commercial space travel safer, easier, and more feasible.

Why you may want to invest
  1. Provided the first commercial Wi-Fi in space history – payload launched on board Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket.

  2. Solstar’s WiFi and space communications operations to date have been within the scope of existing FCC authorizations.

  3. In November 2013, we sent the first-ever commercial text message to space. 

  4. In 2017, Solstar was competitively selected to receive a small business Phase I contract with NASA to develop a preliminary design for a commercial router on the International Space Station.

  5. Signed a Space Act Agreement with NASA to test our internet and wi-fi technologies in space.

  6. Founder has 30+ years of experience in the commercial space industry, starting his career with 6 years at NASA 1987-1993.

  7. Patent pending on our technology. 

  8. Through our founder's experience, we have business relationships and C-level contacts with most commercial satellite operators and commercial space companies.

Our Ambition

With one spaceflight down in 2018 and one more to go, our ambition is to be part of every commercial space flight in the future.This will make communication, experiments and travel easier. We aim to prove our effectiveness to multiple commercial space companies to build Solstar into an internationally recognized brand that will be an attractive acquisition for the rapidly-growing private space race.

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